Todays thought -Some studies show that many people who win over $1 million in lotteries end up worse off financially than they were before they won. Many lose all their winnings in amazingly short periods and end up even worse off because of the new debts and liabilities they accumulate. There is no such thing as free money; it’s not money that makes a person wealthy. It is their wealth consciousness. Without a wealth consciousness you can’t stay wealthy even when a huge sum of money comes your way in a lottery win.People who have developed a wealth consciousness can’t fail to have money and wealth for extended periods. They may go broke occasionally due to an error in thinking or a higher choice, but they always bounce back up.

Have no fear of going broke because even if it happens it’s temporary, and you can always come right back up if you have the right attitude and beliefs. As far as those who have developed a wealth consciousness are concerned, you can take away all their money and often within a year, they’ll be wealthy again or well on their way to wealth. Luck has nothing to do with it. Belief faith and knowledge have everything to do with it. Whatever it is that you want to change hypnosis and hypnotherapy can help.

Rick Collingwood – Australia’s Premiere Clinical Hypnotist and Hypnosis Trainer.

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