Certificate of Clinical Hypnotherapy: (Foundation)

Melbourne  The Certificate of Clinical Hypnotherapy trains students in the practical application of inducing hypnosis and how to use hypnosis for therapy safely and effectively. We won’t just fill your head with theory. The Certificate of Clinical Hypnotherapy includes nine days of intensive in class practical training, plus 360 hours of online study and practice.
Students learn the practical fundamentals and the history of hypnosis and hypnotherapy, plus various effective hypnosis inductions. By the completion of this training, you will be able to safely and effectively induce the hypnotic state for therapeutic purposes. Students also gain access to the academy’s online student training and resource centre.
The Melbourne Academy Certificate of Clinical Hypnotherapy training comprises of 3 x 3-day weekends (Fri, Sat, Sun) and a 150 question examination, after which a Certificate of Clinical Hypnotherapy is issued by The Australian Academy of Hypnosis. This training is a prerequisite for the Diploma of Clinical Hypnotherapy.
Fees: $3600

Diploma of Clinical Hypnotherapy: (Intermediate)

Follows on from the Certificate of Clinical Hypnotherapy and further enhances skills for the student who wants to excel in hypnosis and hypnotherapy techniques.
The Diploma of Clinical Hypnotherapy requires another six days of practical training and compulsory ongoing training video viewings in the academy’s student resource centre.
Learn advanced hypnotherapy techniques, rapid hypnosis inductions, mesmerism, hypnotic fascination and advanced therapeutic techniques. Total hours approximately 680 including the Certificate of Clinical Hypnotherapy training.
The six days training includes three days of rapid inductions and three days of Energetic Mesmerism/Hypnotic Fascination Training. This is the first and major component of the “Diploma of Clinical Hypnotherapy”.
The second component requires students to view TWELVE live filmed; once monthly on- going training sessions online in the Student Training and Resource Centre before your Diploma of Clinical Hypnotherapy will be awarded. Because of the advanced hypnosis techniques taught during the six-day Diploma component, this training is only available to academy students who have completed the academy’s Certificate of Clinical Hypnotherapy and people with acceptable RPL with hypnosis training from other approved hypnosis training institutions.
Fees: $5500 if registered at same time as the Certificate training or $3000 if registered after the completion of the Certificate, or with RPL from other accepted training organisations.

Advanced Diploma of Clinical Hypnotherapy:

This is the ultimate training for the serious professional and leaves no stone unturned.
The Advanced Diploma of Clinical Hypnotherapy follows on from the Diploma of Clinical Hypnotherapy. An intensive nine consecutive days of advanced practical training, including advanced practical Mesmerism. This training is only available for academy Diploma students or for Diploma students from other accepted RPL training institutions. With approved RPL these 9 consecutive days can be attended and combined with online studies for the Diploma of Clinical Hypnotherapy. The fee is $4500 

The Advanced Diploma of Clinical Hypnotherapy curriculum is as follows:

First Three Day Component – Rapid Clinical Inductions and how to induce and use them
Second Three Day Component – Advanced Mesmerism and Non-Verbal Hypnosis Techniques
Third Three Day Component – Therapeutic ideo motor inductions and Advanced Therapy Techniques
Fees: $6800 in total for all three trainings if registered on initial registration. The $6800 fee includes both the Certificate, the Diploma of Clinical Hypnotherapy and the Advanced Diploma of Clinical Hypnotherapy. Or $2000 after the completion of the academy’s Diploma of Clinical Hypnotherapy.

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