Do you want to learn hypnotherapy in Sydney Brisbane Perth or Adelaide?

Train for Six Days with Rick Collingwood for a Certificate of Hypnotherapy $1900

Fourteen Days (7+7) plus online studies for a Diploma of Clinical Hypnotherapy & Psychotherapy $5500

Twenty-One Days (7+7+7) plus online studies for Advanced Diploma of Clinical Hypnotherapy & Psychotherapy $6800

Rick is one of the world’s top clinical hypnotherapists and hypnosis trainers. Academy Training Places are limited, and fill very quickly

If you want to learn hypnosis, become a hypnotherapist, become a more effective hypnotherapist, or brush up on your skills and learn some new hypnosis techniques, then this training is a MUST DO. It’s delivered by Rick Collingwood one of the world’s top hypnosis trainers from Australia’s longest established Hypnosis Training Organisation.

Students begin online immediately upon registration. Our training is AHA and HCA approved, and you can legitimately practice as a clinical hypnotherapist in any state or territory of Australia. The Australian Academy of Hypnosis conducts Certificate of Hypnotherapy – Diploma of Clinical Hypnotherapy and – Advanced Diploma of Clinical Hypnotherapy trainings in Sydney Brisbane Perth and Adelaide twice each year. 

Suitable for both novices and experienced hypnotherapists. The Certificate of Hypnotherapy can be upgraded to a Diploma of Clinical Hypnotherapy by completing seven, instead of six, days during the first training, and a second seven-day practical training at the next course, plus Online studies and pass an open book examination. The “In Class” components are hands on, experiential, and designed to give all participants effective practical hypnosis and enhanced therapy skills. To complete the Diploma of Clinical Hypnotherapy you’ll attend fourteen days of practical training (2×7) and undertake extra various online training. If you want to gain further full professional training after completion of the Diploma of Clinical Hypnotherapy, you can enrol in the Advanced Diploma of Clinical Hypnotherapy training.

You can register to complete the Certificate of Hypnotherapy and upgrade to a Diploma of Clinical Hypnotherapy later or save $200 by registering for the Diploma of Clinical Hypnotherapy from the start. The Certificate training is the initial course it comprises of six days of practical hypnosis training and how to utilise hypnosis safely and effectively. Upon completion of the six days, you will be able to hypnotise people competently and effectively. The total fee for the Six Day Certificate of Hypnotherapy is $1900.

The Diploma of Clinical Hypnotherapy follows on from the Certificate training and requires online study, the completion of a 150 question “open book” examination plus the attendance of an initial seven-day Certificate training plus an additional seven-day practical training (approximately six months later) and the completion of an approved online Basic Counselling course which we can arrange for you. The fee for the Diploma of Clinical Hypnotherapy including the Certificate is $5500 if paid in full upon registration.

The Advanced Diploma of Clinical Hypnotherapy for the serious student who wants to excel as a professional hypnotherapist. Applicants must have completed the academy’s Certificate of Hypnotherapy and the Diploma of Clinical Hypnotherapy. Plus, further online study, the attendance of a further seven days of practical training, and the completion of a comprehensive Magnetic Energetics (Mesmerism) training online. The fee for the Advanced Diploma including both the Certificate of Hypnosis and the Diploma of Clinical Hypnotherapy training is $6800.

You begin your studies immediately. As soon as you enrol, you’ll receive your acceptance letter, e-version training manuals and access into the academy’s vast students online training and resource centre. Fees are payable upon registration. A payment plan is available, details and conditions are found in the downloadable information pack.

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