What are the main differences between Hypnosis and Mesmerism? At the outset hypnosis relies on sound and words to induce a state of trance, whilst Mesmerism uses very few words and can automatically promote a state of trance. The Mesmeric trance state is different from the trance state that results from verbally induced hypnosis. Mesmerism is helpful for Psycho Somatic conditions, whereas verbal hypnosis seems more effective for habits and behavioral changes. The combination of both in the possession of a skilled therapist is a very powerful change tool.

Modern Hypnosis makes use of direct spoken suggestions, or in the case of Ericksonian Hypnosis Metaphor is often used. Both methods aim to change subconscious patterns while Mesmerism makes use of, the magnetic Gaze and Mesmeric passes known as a stroking, through the clients energy field. These passes often induce an almost catatonic state in the client. Modern Hypnosis was born from Mesmerism and Hypnotic Fascination. Mesmerism or Magnetism was initially evolved to verbal hypnosis by the Manchester surgeon Dr. James Braid. Many others followed in Braids footsteps offering insights and some improvements in therapy techniques until eventually so called Ericksonian hypnosis evolved. Ericksonian hypnosis was the hijacked by the NLP (Neuro Linguistic Programming) movement, NLP itself often being passed off as hypnosis. In reality NLP is more about the power of influence and subconscious persuasion, and although its proponent’s make some very claims about the methodology, NLP really has nothing to do with hypnosis per se.

Mesmerism has a variety of applications that can provide a vital role during therapy. It can also be one of the useful tools that you can apply in your personal life. With proper Mesmerism training you can learn how to reconcile Psycho Somatic emotional issues, and initiate physical and healing changes. It can also boost the boundaries of your body and mind connection. You can also learn the proper application of Mesmerism principles to your own consciousness. The presence of awareness and exercise routines will serve as your key to appreciate the essence of Mesmerism in every walk of life. If you want to learn and know more about training for Hypnosis, and Mesmerism The Australian Academy of Hypnosis is the only hypnosis academy that has the ability to provide true Mesmerism training in Australia.