Real World Common Sense

The internet has created an atmosphere where it appears that the world is filled with many self appointed experts. Some in fact have done the study and run the hard yards, gaining valid experience and skills to live up to what they profess that they can do or teach you to do. However the real chances are that you are not going to find the secret to life or the answer to immediate success on the internet, it can’t be done because life keeps changing and so called secrets must therefore become obsolete. There are many self appointed masters who struggle to pay their rent and who were actually complete novices a year or two ago. So in reality they are still novices, still winging it and still have no real idea.

Some Modern Day Idealisms
Promises to become a master of something in a week a month or a year depending on the fee.
Promises of the ultimate secret to and for everything
Promises of the perfect solution to always be happy
Promises of a page 1 ranking in Google
Promises of making a million+ dollars on line soooooo easily
Promises of Cancer Cures
Promises of Master Sales Techniques
Promises of the secret to a happy life
Promises of the Ultimate Manifestation Techniques
Promises of mastering almost anything for nothing
Promises of high spiritual attainment
Promises of Glowing Health
Promises of sure fire ultimate marketing plans
Promises of a Quantum world that can be easily tapped into
And the list goes on and on and on . Promises Promises Promises. Is a promise is a lie if it doesn’t come true?

Some Permanent Realities
The only thing that’s really changed in the world is that technology has improved in most ways for the better and in some ways not so, all other changes are a result of this. Despite how clever or expert other people might profess to be, humans are fundamentally still the same, according to their socially and cognitive learned programs. Instead of squandering time and money remember that there were and still is much very effective learned knowledge and skill sets available to all and sundry without paying obscene amounts of money to attain them.

Not so long ago people became craftsman and craftswomen by doing an apprenticeship for 3, 4, 5, 6 or sometimes 8 years. They had to pass practical and academic exams and they were taught and shown by those who preceded them in the real world and so they learned real world skills. It wasn’t a six months TAFE courses and away we go.

The world, or modern society at least, has sped up and much has become disposable, that too often includes common sense and tenacity. Most people don’t have any long term plans any more. Everything should be instant and then discarded in the pursuit of the next thing.

Nothing comes easily or for free just because someone says it will. Things worth having require real and learned expertise. Anybody now can look through the internet, do some copying and pasting, write a book and put it up on Amazon as a self appointed expert because they said they are and a graphic artist made a nice E Book cover. A real expert in any endeavour will actually be a little humble and done the hard yards that result in an identifiable history. I can’t remember any modern books I’ve read that contained any more or anything new beyond what can be found in the old foundational books such as?

Think and Grow Rich (Napoleon Hill)
As a Man Thinketh (James Allan)
The Science of Getting Rich (Wallace Wattles)
Top Performance (Zig Ziglar)

I’ve been all over the planet and met a lot of people from all walks and aspects of life. I’d also like to think I have been reasonably successful in my field and showed what I know to a few others without charging outrageous fortunes backed up by equally outrageous promises. Despite that, excepting a few Lotto mostly broke again winners, I can’t remember meeting anybody who became a success in a week, a month, or a year. I also haven’t met anybody who became successful purely by following somebody else’s advice and methodologies.

Success means different things to different people and regardless of what you might personally consider success – Money – A Good Relationship – Better Health – Achieving Fame – Becoming A Champion. To truly attain these things, for 99% of people its going to take a long time, a lot of hard work, time and personal sacrifices.

Of course if you have a dream or a plan, its a good idea to associate with or join groups of like minded people and pool resources and ideas to move forward, but the movement will usually be at snails pace and there will be hardships and mountains to climb along the way. If your told that dollars will speed up the process BE VERY WARY.

If you’re a loner by nature, then that’s who you are and so you’re probably better off to gain the knowledge and learn the skills of your ambition alone as that fits more in tune with your core nature.

As technology has sped up to blinding speed, human haven’t and our ability to access information at an almost blinding pace doesn’t preclude the reality that most things worthwhile having do not come at the same blinding pace.
To achieve anything worthwhile, life is going to test your resolve, your hunger and your willingness to stick with the program no matter what. So 99% of people, especially if its money they seek, end up running around in ever decreasing circles and give up just as quickly as they began and look for something easier. THINGS WORTH HAVING WILL NOT BE AND ARE NOT SUPPOSED TO BE EASY. Most are supported by the sand of idealism and not a solid base of experience and time.

You can’t just evaluate what somebody else did, adapt their attitude, replicate what their actions and then expect it all to drop in your lap. If you do expect life to be that way then your in for some big disappointments in your life. Its a fact that 90% of people looking for the easy way to riches of any nature simply give up and the only people who get rich are the ones who sold them on the idea. Hold on to your dream through the darkness and the light because there will be lots of both.

Make an adaptable long term plan constructed on a pathway of short term goals and revise it often. Read a lot, practice a lot, be determined, be adaptable, have faith in yourself and be patient. As I often tell my students “The only reason I can do what I do is because I know how to”.

It took me 20+ years to attain whatever it is that I have attained and there were a of of dark dead end roads filled with shadows and false promises along the way. I had to sacrifice a lot of family time, sit endlessly in planes, travel to so many cities sometimes I’d wake up and not know what one I was in that morning.

I faced a lot of criticism and had to endlessly prove I could walk my talk. I’ve wondered where the next rent money was coming from while I was 10.000 miles away from home and those who relied on me to ensure it was paid.
Inner wisdom is learned from experience. You can’t find it outside of yourself, you have to create it by learning it and even then there are no guarantees. If you want a guarantee go buy a new car or a new toaster.
Each of us can learn and listen to anything and anyone we want to. What we learn might change our attitude but it can’t change who we are. Believing the wisdom of others may afford an altered perspective but that won’t negate the work that will be required to achieve the desired result. Overnight success more often than not too quickly reverts into overnight failure.

Every person you meet will initially only show you the side they think you want to see, or act the part they think they are supposed to play. But all people are multi faceted. Everybody has fears and talents, things in the closet you will likely never know about about. Everybody has felt love and pain, happiness and sadness, bliss or darkness. Nobody beats the wrap Few will acknowledge it and even fewer will show you what’s really under the wrapping.

There are no easy miracle ways and there is NO OVERNIGHT SUCCESS,
Because life and the framework of some aspects of society has sped up with technology doesn’t mean that we humans have. Many people are in fact are struggling to keep up with the pace and so they either collapse with exhaustion or expand so far outside of themselves they forget the essence of who they are inside.

There is nothing wrong with going to others to gain new knowledge, but it should be relative to cost. Self Appointed Masters might be dangerous to your finances, you future, your confidence and many other aspects of your life and psyche.

Remember anything that seems to good to be true ALWAYS IS
Anything worthwhile having has to be earned, it won’t magically fall out of the sky.

Luck comes from persistence and hard work
Be wary of self appointed Masters because there are NO MASTERS of anything
Focus hold on to and ACT upon your dreams and desires
Become and stay determined
Put in the required work and effort
Tell nobody anything they don’t need to know about your business
Remember the world is full of smiling assassins and everybody wants a bite of your lunch
Be the best you can be to everybody, but also be the best to yourself
When the sun is shining enjoy the warmth
When the darkness comes, and it will. Go inside and switch on your own light.
Thought Effort Practice Patience Time Desire Action might = RESULT

There are no secrets and Gurus are only as good as the value they can offer you in relation to what they will charge you for it. In the real world where there are mouths to feed and bills to pay.

As far as money is concerned? Once I sat with a self made billionaire at a clinic in Europe. He’d spent a fortune and invested huge emotional effort trying to save his wife from a very invasive cancer. He was a strong and determined man who seemed to be in total emotional control. He had little time for idealisms and got straight to the point when he had something to say.

This man didn’t speak much about himself, or much either good or bad about anybody else. On the morning his wife passed he demanded a bottle of champaign to celebrate the fact that she had lived. As the invited few gathered there to have what felt like a very hollow celebration I caught a glimpse of emotion and a sight tear in his eyes. He noticed it and then he whispered to me “I would give everything I have and everything I will make in the future just for another hour with her”.

Then he said something along the lines of “When I was young I lived in an alley for 3 months, I had nothing and often went hungry. So I decided what I wanted to become and read some books, I listened to my own advice and built my own empire. As I was building it, it became clear to me that everybody else’s advice came at a price that was usually much more than what it was worth. I didn’t see that I had any options to quit and I learned is that empires are easy to build, but all empires suck up your life or they fail or become meaningless. What you have inside is all you ever really have so guard it and nourish it and do what is necessary to get what you want and have the patience to allow it to manifest on the outside – BE YOUR OWN GURU.”