Hypnosis – Rapid Inductions – Mesmerism and Fascination – True Traditional Hypnosis

This six day training by Rick Collingwood is the in class training component of the Diploma of Clinical Hypnotherapy in Melbourne. Conducted over 2 x 3 days it is significantly practically orientated and structured to teach students how to use and integrate Rapid Inductions, Mesmerism, and the correct use and understanding of Hypnotic Fascination.
This component is part of the Diploma of Clinical Hypnosis training. Students learns how to become a “Hypnotist” in the true sense of the word. This training is not about the usual Visualisation, Progressive Muscle Relaxation or any other watery method too often touted as hypnosis. During our workshops students learn genuine hypnosis and how to use it quickly and effectively. Our training is suitable for people who want to become a hypnotherapist, hypnotherapy and NLP practitoners who want to learn more about the practical aspects of inducing deep hypnotic states, Life Coaches who want a very powerful motivational ability and skills to help their clients acheive their maximum potential, and any responsible adult who wants to learn about self development and self improvement.
Registration includes free permanent access to the academies on line training and resource centre at this website, 4 training manuals and 5 complimentary hypnosis ebooks sent via email upon registration and fee payment. All training manuals and academy DVDs are supplied in hard copy at the commencement of workshop training.
The Power Hypnosis Training™ is a component of the second Six Day Diploma training workshop in Sydney and Brisbane and (4 Days in Victoria and Western Australia). This training focus’s significantly on practical rapid induction techniques and producing fast and deep trance in a clinical practice. Students learn traditional styles of direct clinical hypnosis, Mesmerism and Magnetism. The workshops are designed to ensure all students acquire the skills to confidently induce fast and deep hypnotic states and how to  maintain the depth and use hypnosis effectively for physical, emotional, and mental change or improvement.

This is pure hypnosis that has been developed and time tested by Rick Collingwood, one of the world’s leading therapeutic hypnotists, and has been adapted for effective clinical use.

Hypnotic Fascination Training™ is unique to The Australian Academy of Hypnosis™. These techniques were researched and developed by and are only taught by Rick Collingwood. Fascination Training™ teaches students to develop, understand and practically apply intentional energetic and subliminal effects of silent hypnosis; how to use the Gaze attention and intention to induce deep hypnosis in subjects often without saying a word.
Hypnotic Fascination training is the “Icing on the Cake” for any serious hypnotherapist. In Victoria and Western Australia it is a component of the Four Day Power Hypnosis Training. In New South Wales and Queensland the Hypnotic Fascination Training™ are the last two days of the Six Day Diploma of Clinical Hypnosis training.

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Prerequisite: Certificate of Clinical Hypnosis training in Victoria and Western Australia. In Sydney and Brisbane it is part of the second 6 day component of the Diploma of Clinical Hypnosis training.