Rick is Australia’s most well-known clinical therapeutic hypnotist. He is a Hypnotist, Hypnosis Trainer, Mesmerist, Author, Counselor, Public Speaker, Sales Motivator, Corporate Speaker, and the founder of Mind Motivations™ & The Australian Academy of Hypnosis™.
Using his own unique therapeutic hypnosis techniques he has personally assisted countless thousands of people from all walks of life; facing challenges such as stress disorders, nicotine and drug dependency, gambling, addiction, pain management, depression, panic disorder, insomnia, motivation, chronic fatigue syndrome, and many other various behavioral challenges.
Rick’s client and student list is international and includes leading Hollywood Movie Stars and many top international sports people and teams to achieve their maximum potential, including Boxers, Race Car Drivers, Swimmers, Football Players, Rowers, and world champion cyclists. Internationally he has guested on many TV and thousands of radio shows. His Australian appearances include A Current Affair, Kerri Anne Kennerley, Today Tonight, 9AM with David & Kim, Optus Vision, and the ABC. Rick is the principle of The Australian Academy of Hypnosis and he has trained more than 2000 therapists in the correct and effective use of his unique therapeutic hypnosis styles.
Rick specializes in using therapeutic hypnosis to help people with significant physical and emotional conditions and diseases. You can make an appointment with Rick by calling the clinic on 9681 7773, email [email protected] or mobile 0420 322763.