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Take your meditation to the next level with this professionally designed hypnotic meditation soundtrack. The Neurosonic Frequencies on this recording will take you deeper, further and more relaxed then you have ever been before. This program is an instant MP3 download so you start your powerful meditation journey right now!

Embark on a very deep meditative journey with the gentle pulse of theta rhythm, F Sharp harmonies and gentle subliminal messages that will take you down to a new enhanced level of personal meditation. In such a state you can make deep and meaningful connections with your inner self and subconscious mind for positive results. This is advantageous to help achieve so much in your life, including:

  • Deliver affirmations to be more effectively absorbed
  • Improve self thought and implementation of ideas
  • Soundtrack to deep relaxation for health and emotional benefits
  • Assist in achieving a deep sleep more quickly
  • Promote deep theta and delta mind sates to assist in physical recovery from injury
  • Assist with self healing techniques
  • Enhance creativity and idea making
  • Enhance massage, reiki and other alternative therapies in a clinic

The difference between this audio recording and many other meditation soundtracks is that Ultimate Meditation is not music that just sounds relaxing or a collection of other samples that simply do not work. It is a special combination of hypnotic frequencies that have been clinically tested using an Electroencephalography (EEG) machine which showed a definite shift in brainwave frequency into the deep realms of theta resonance almost immediately.

This special audio is the pinnacle of where science meets spirituality. The Neurosonic Frequencies on this MP3 were developed to induce a deep hypnotic trance in conjunction with the spoken hypnotherapy voice on the audio. Take away the spoken hypnosis and the frequencies will still take you just as deep, only you are left with the ability to embark on your mental journey the way that you want to.

To use this MP3 for best results, simply find a quiet place, sit or lie back so you are comfortable and play it through a stereo or headphones at a volume that is right for you. Then you should begin to drift away and just try to let your thoughts run freely or if you have a specific goal, try to begin your own inner journey in the way that you want it to begin.

Whether you are advanced in self meditation SKILLS and want to push your inner journeys to the next level or if you just want to learn or just enjoy the satisfaction of deep relaxation, this program will work for you.

Part of every order is donated to the Cambodian Children’s Trust Charity (CCT).

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