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This program has received a Gold Record from the Australian Recording Industry Association (ARIA) for sales of over 40,000 copies. Because of this it is widely regarded as one of the best hypnosis stress management programs available.

This MP3 contains a 5 minute spoken hypnotic induction and then continues with the gentle sound of theta rhythm and subliminal messages for the remaining 50 minutes of the recording.

Welcome to the new calm, focused and relaxed you! Let the special frequencies and short guided hypnotic introduction on this audio program take you to a place of tranquility and pure relaxation. Float with the gentle theta rhythm and F Sharp frequencies to guide yourself away from any negative thoughts, conflicting emotions and stress. The frequencies on this hypnosis MP3 are designed to balance your mind and body to achieve equilibrium within yourself.

Achieve a deeply relaxing level of Theta level of consciousness!

These Neurosonic Frequencies are proven through the use of an Electroencephalography (EEG) machine, to drop brainwave frequencies into theta state, wherein you will experience an incredible relaxing and calming feeling.

This program is particularly useful if you experience:

  • High levels of stress and anxiety
  • Sleeping/insomnia issues
  • Over thinking or over analyzing things too much
  • Problems relaxing easily after a long day at work
  • Connect with your subconscious mind through deep relaxation
  • Achieve the Theta state of mind easily

The benefits of deep relaxation on a consistent basis are scientifically proven to make you physically healthier and emotionally stronger and reduce stress. This MP3, if used everyday, will introduce these positive benefits into your lifestyle, to ensure that stress and anxiety problems are a thing of the past, and you can move forward to becoming a more successful and happy person!

Don’t let stress drag your life down – take action and experience the benefits today!

Part of every order is donated to the Cambodian Children’s Trust Charity (CCT).

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