Using this bed time story your child will learn how the Freedom and the More family helped each other to forget the sadness of the past and gain more emotional freedom and understanding.

This story designed to help children who have been abused or suffered trauma come to terms with what they have been through. It will helps children sleep better, relax and essentially move forward more happily in life.

The positive messages contained in the metaphorical story will assist the child to:

  • Develop a new way of understanding what has happened
  • Release any anxiety, confidence issues or fear that have resulted
  • Talk about what happened to realize they are not on their own
  • Teach the child new ways of coping with the distress

When a child has been abused it is very important to address the matter when they are still young. This is imperative to not drag the emotional baggage into adulthood. This program uses language patterns and ideas that young children can understand to help them form their own ways to let go.

This MP3 story is suitable for children between the ages of 3 to 11. It is an effective program that is simple to use. Play this story before bedtime or during quiet times in the day daily for 6 weeks. It can be used on a stereo or through headphones at a reasonable volume.

Part of every order is donated to the Cambodian Children’s Trust Charity (CCT).

Visit the CCT website

Running Time: 45 minutes