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Don’t Gnaw At Your Finger Nails Anymore

This powerful MP3 is designed for adults and children who habitually chew their fingernails. The “No More Nail Biting” program is one of Australia’s top selling hypnosis programs for nail biting and chewing of finger tips. It is particularly helpful for releasing anxiety and nervousness which triggers nail biting and changing the reactive urge to chew on finger nails.

This very powerful program deals with your conscious, subconscious, and emotional minds concerning your automatic nail biting reaction to situations and circumstances. Through deep hypnosis, the “No More Nail Biting” MP3 will dissipate all of your feelings of negativity, fatigue, fear, nervousness, agitation and being upset, worried or discouraged. By releasing past negative patterns and replacing them with new positive and self confident patterns, you will no longer suffer from chewed finger tips.

Part of every order is donated to the Cambodian Children’s Trust Charity (CCT).

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