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You will never have to lay awake at night again! This is a traditional hypnotherapy program to help you achieve a deep state of sleep and stay asleep. It is perfect for insomniacs to help override the things that cause insomnia like over-thinking, stress, noise, pain, discomfort, irregular work patterns & the general inability to simply ‘switch off’. It will help introduce new ways to give you more control over your sleeping patterns permanently, even after you finish the 6-8 week course of this program.

By using this recording you will be able to create a switch in your mind that allows you to ‘switch off’ and ‘stop over-thinking’ when it is time for bed, allowing you to achieve instant sleep and not wake up before you are properly rested. It will help synchronize your ‘body-clock’ with your emotions, so that when your body tells you that you are tired, your mind will soon follow.

Insomnia Cure

How Can Hypnosis Help Insomnia?

When you enter into hypnosis and use this program, you are effectively ‘switching off’ your conscious mind. This is what makes you feel drowsy or tired. Doing this you will be able to get to sleep much easier simply by playing this MP3. However there is more – under hypnosis you can quite literally re-train your mind to change all the things that keep you awake in the first place. The more you use this program, the stronger these changes will become. Eventually you will reach a stage that when you need to sleep, that you will be able to do so easily & automatically.

This Program Will Help:

  • Give you techniques to fall asleep easily
  • Calm your mind to stop over-thinking
  • Switch off to any outside noises
  • Align your emotional, mental & physical systems
  • Balance the effects of shift working
  • Remove emotional tension like fear, stress, anxiety etc.
  • Re-train your mind to adopt more normal sleeping patterns

Contains Theta Entrainment Frequencies

Like all of Rick’s recordings, this album contains Neurosonic Frequencies. These are particularly effective for helping you get to sleep because they easily entrain your mind into a low theta level. This is the same state as when you are about to enter into a deep sleep. These frequencies make it very easy for you to transition into this state through an effect known as brainwave entrainment. This is a very powerful and effective way to lower your brainwaves into the necessary levels.

Customer Success Story

Hello Rick, I just had to get in touch to let you know how much better I am sleeping!  In honesty I didn’t expect the programme to work but after 7 years of sleep  problems I was getting desperate.  I did exactly as instructed, after almost  5 weeks my sleep wasn’t much better but I kept on.  I stopped listening at  the end of week 5 (plus the first 10 days so nearly week 7) and since then I have slept each night – it’s wonderful! – Ros

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