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Free yourself from your fear of flying with this powerful hypnosis recording. From take off to landing, this MP3 program will help give you a calmer experience next time you need to fly somewhere. This program has helped thousands of people, many who have had a crippling fear of flying for years.

Playing this program on your MP3 player, laptop or other “Accepted Electronic Music Device” when you fly, will help keep you calm and relaxed while you are on the plane. Simply hit play, sit back, relax and let the recording take your mind off the fact that you are in a plane when you are travelling next.

If you have to fly somewhere, just make sure you listen to this MP3 for a couple of weeks leading up to when you leave. It will easily help reduce the stress, anxiety and fear of the day you have to board the plane so you can sleep easier knowing this.

The spoken hypnotic script on this MP3 directly covers:

  • Logical statistics about how much safer it is fly in a plane compared to other forms of transport
  • Techniques to help you remain calm when you board the plane
  • Confidence to reduce the anxiety when you think of flying
  • Ways to ‘switch off’ negative thoughts about flying

It is not unusual to be afraid of flying – it is a common phobia – but it is not good to let it hold you back from this important part of modern life. Flying is cheaper, quicker and much safer then all other forms of transport.

The chances of being in an airplane crash are actually only 0.00003%

This is almost the same as being hit by lightning. Considering this, there is no logical reason to be afraid of flying – so why should you be? Hypnosis is a proven way to overcome all types of fears and phobias because it goes straight to the source of the problem within your own mind and safely eliminates the pattern that causes the fear. You’ve got nothing to lose and everything to gain by using this program.

Our customers have reported excellent results using this MP3 with overcoming the fear of driving a car, fear of tunnels and even the fear of heights. If the fear of flying is stopping you from enjoying the experiences of travel and discovering new places then this self hypnosis program can help you!

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