During this bed time story your child will join Moral the Octopus as he discovers how to move beyond the enticing negative influence of other children and stand on his own two feet. This MP3 is the perfect foundation for using any of the other Children’s Audio Programs. Self confidence is absolutely paramount for every child. Almost every other common childhood issue stems from self confidence issue. Using this program is the first step towards building a positive platform for your child’s emotional growth.

This positive metaphorical story will help your child discover their own capabilities and bring them forth. It will help them let go of anything that is emotionally holding them back from being the best that they can be. The many positive metaphors in the story will build a child’s self confidence and self esteem by communicating to them in a way that they understand and are interested in hearing.

It will help your child release any fears they are holding in emotionally and always look on the brighter side of life. The characters in the story represent personal change as Moral evolves into an eagle, affirming on a deeper subconscious level to your child that it is possible to fly high like the eagle. In this story are embedded metaphors helping kids to make the right choices and to associate with other good children, not bad ones. It will show them that it is fun to be surrounded by good solid supportive people and the importance of choosing the right friends to help their path in life.

This MP3 is suitable for children between the ages of 3 to 11. It is simple to use; and can be played before bed time or during quiet times in the day. It can be played on a  stereo or through headphones at a reasonable volume.

Part of every order is donated to the Cambodian Children’s Trust Charity (CCT).

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Running Time: 45 minutes