This MP3 is formatted with metaphorical hypnotic stories that are layered with frequencies to make the mind receptive to positive and helpful suggestions. They are 100% safe and extremely effective. Simply play it quietly at night as your child is sleeping or drifting off to sleep.

A Children’s Bed Time Story For Confidence & Self Esteem

A wonderful bed time story by Tania Cotterell for young children aged between 3 to 11.

Not only will child enjoy this mild hypnotic story and fall asleep more easily, it will also promote improved self-esteem and a happier and more positive state of mind from the ground up. It is very important for young children to establish happy, confident thoughts when they are young, as these patterns they create now are the same patterns they carry with them into later life.

This story utilises safe hypnotic frequencies and proven spoken hypnosis techniques for maximum relaxation and positive reinforcement for your child. It is useful for many common development issues including childhood depression, anxiety, fear, insecurity and many other confidence related issues.

This children’s MP3 should be used during quiet times or as your child drifts off to sleep. The frequencies embedded in the background induce a nice deep sleep state that will enable your child to adopt newer and better behaviors’. The frequencies have been medically tested and are completely safe.

You can expect your child to become much calmer and more confident with persistent use of this program every night for 6-8 weeks.

Part of every order is donated to the Cambodian Children’s Trust Charity (CCT).

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Running Time: 50 minutes