The “Naturally Hypnotic” series is a special and unique range of nature inspired relaxation programs designed and commissioned by Rick Collingwood. Each track uses the absolute latest in recording technology and is digitally mastered to the highest quality. All of the programs combine relaxing stereo music combined with nature sounds and a precise combination of NeuroSonic frequencies to guarantee an incredible listening experience.

This series is like no other nature sound relaxation MP3s available. They make perfect personal time out relaxation, exceptional general background music, or they can be used to drift to off to sleep. Due to the under layered NeuroSonic frequencies these recordings are also an invaluable aid for professional hypnotherapists to ensure a perfect trance depth for clients.

Every one of the fifteen recordings is a different 60 minutes long program. Choose your preferred titles for immediate download and prepare to experience relaxation like you never thought possible.

Bt the waterfall

Part of every order is donated to the Cambodian Children’s Trust Charity (CCT).

Visit the CCT website