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This is a powerful self hypnosis program designed to help overcome marijuana addiction and any other drug dependency. If you or someone you now suffers from an unhealthy addiction to and drug or substance then this recording can significantly help make it easier to stop.

Before you read any further consider this:

You were not born addicted to drugs. In fact, there had to be a great deal of time in your life where you lived without addiction and the thought had never crossed your mind.

This hypnotherapy program can help you to ‘turn back time’ in the way you think and act to before the addiction. Doing this, you remind your mind and body of how you felt during this time and bring back the same pattern of thought, feeling and emotion in your present state.

By directly accessing the subconscious mind through hypnosis, you are able to reprogram and replace the addictive patterns with more positive alternatives that will help you beat the dependency on a mental, emotional and physical level. This is how hypnosis can help beat marijuana addiction as well as addiction to other drugs.

This program helps minimize the physical effects of craving drugs and also to help overcome any emotional attachments to the substance also. You can never truly destroy any addiction. What you can do is effectively replace it with something else that is more positive. This is the key to this MP3 program. it gives you the power to develop your own new and improved attitude towards taking drugs and other harmful substances.

This program is not just limited to marijuana dependency. In fact there is no direct reference to marijuana throughout the spoken hypnotic recording, rather just powerful subconscious suggestions and practical techniques to help you move forward.

You can use this recording to treat addiction to all types of drugs including Marijuana & Cannabis, Cocaine, Heroin, Pain Killers, Ecstasy, Methamphetamines and any other prescription, legal or illegal drugs.

This is a well tested self hypnosis program. Due to the confidential nature of the content covered we have a very limited number of published testimonials, however, we can tell you that we have received hundreds of phone calls and unpublished letters and emails from people who have moved beyond their addiction to many different types of drugs.

Persistent use of this MP3 will allow you to directly reprogram the mind’s response at a subconscious level to the feelings associated with the ‘high’ from any drug and to replace this with a negative association towards that same feeling. Further, the program allows you to further reinforce this by discovering your own new and more positive pattern to replace the drug taking pattern that was somehow created in your life.

The recording also covers the emotions that you may have felt that led to your drug habit and that also make you feel like you must continue it. Often negative thought, feeling and associations are put to rest by using drugs because they allow you to simply not think about it. By being honest with yourself, identifying your own reasons and then using self hypnosis to replace these with something else more beneficial, it is possible to recover from drug abuse more effectively.

Addiction is a powerful negative force that can destroy lives and families. To give yourself the best chances of beating the addiction this program must be used for at least the 8 week minimum period. After this, it is recommended to keep using the program until you comfortable that the addiction is at a stage where you can handle it. If you have a relapse or feel inclined to use again in the future, just put the MP3 on again and recommence it until you feel in control of yourself once more.

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