Rick features frequently in the national and international media. Click below to view many of Rick’s different Television, Radio and Press features as well as his photo gallery.

Kelly Sports Magazine

In this interview Rick discusses his Children’s Sleep Story CDs in the magazine’s ‘Parents Pages’ section. He talks about how the CDs work, his inspirations for making them and also gives some examples about how they have helped different children.

Mel's Got A New Lethal Weapon

Rick teaches Mel Gibson hypnosis for 10 days at his Malibu home. Report by the USA’s National Enquirer Magazine.

Rick Teaches Mel Gibson Hypnosis

PERTH hypnotist Rick Collingwood is used to getting unusual requests, but even he was surprised when asked to teach his craft to movie star Mel Gibson. View the article here

Weight Loss Dreams

Take 5 magazine interviews Sandey of Victoria, Australia, about her success with Rick Collingwood’s Weight Loss and Appetite Control CD.

“To lose weight, all Sandey did was sleep” quotes the magazine.

Tractor Boys All Psyched Up

LOOK deep into the eyes of Ipswich players before their Chelsea showdown and there will be no fear and no doubts. Neither will there be any evidence that they have turned into zombies. That assurance came from the Australian hypnotist called in to try to help the Tractor Boys create a huge FA Cup upset at Stamford Bridge today. Instead of waving watches in front of players to put them in a trance, Rick Collingwood supplied them with soothing CDs to help them fall asleep last night.
View the article here

Hypno-diet Daze

Rick Collingwood speaks to the UK’s “Enquirer” Newspaper to see if the claims for hypno-dieting are true. Story by Nicola Moyne.View the article here

Hypnosis For Cats? Why Not!

Hypnotic frequencies have proven useful for calming felines and even solving behavioural problems. Rick Collingwood discusses Resonanz Recordings’ Pet Calming CDs for our favourite companions with the UK’s Your Cat Magazine.

More ARIA Awards for Rick's CDs

The Weight Loss and Appetite Control and Quit Smoking CDs have now gone platinum (80 000+ copies sold of each). Also the Insomnia Cure, Stress Management, Happiness and Self Esteem and Mind-Body Healing CDs have achieved Gold Status (35 000+ copies sold of each). Considering no other self-help product has even one such accreditation award, this is remarkable feat!
View the ARIA website here.

Riding for a Three-peat

Two-time Amgen Tour of California champion Levi Leipheimer wants a third victory. By Rick Scott For the second consecutive year, Levi Leipheimer will start the Amgen Tour of California as defending champion. The California resident who calls Santa Rosa home enters the 2009 season with two specific goals: the Amgen Tour of California and July’s Tour de France.

Rick in Media Week Magazine

Media Week Magazine catches up with Rick for an article in their “Entertainment Buzz” section about hypnosis and how Rick’s Life Improvement Hypnotherapy CDs work.

Mesmeric Power At His Command

Rick is featured in the Stonnington Leader Newspaper and talks about his CDs and hypnosis in general.

World Champion Cyclist uses Hypnosis

Pez Cycling Josh’s Horowitz sat down with Levi Leipheimer to discuss his mental approach to racing and its evolution over his career. Levi’s reveals Rick Collingwood’s, The Ultimate Cyclist CD, as an integral part of psychological preparation to gain the mental edge in his races

Hypnotism Joins Cancer Fight

West Australian Newspaper article, Hypnotism Joins Cancer Fight by Cathy O’Leary.Click here to view this article

Hypnotherapy Gains Momentum

Rick Collingwood helps thousands with his “Knowing success” seminars, published in this online article by Majon International.
View online article

Complement It

West Australian Newspaper Mind and Body Liftout article, Complement It by Wendy Prior. The article on Complementary therapies features Rick.

Weight Loss CD Achieves Gold ARIA

Rick Collingwood’s best selling self hypnosis CD, Weight Loss and Appetite Control, achieves a GOLD ARIA (Australian Recording Industry Association) award for outstanding sales success. This award is believed to be the first gold ARIA award ever for a hypnosis recording.

Lose Weight In Your Sleep

Rick Collingwood’s Life Improvement Hypnosis Weight Loss CD features on ABC Good Morning America.

Weekend Herald Sun

Under His Spell by Bob Hart. Rick talks about hypnosis in general and more specifically about the results of his Cancer and Hypnosis trials.

Cycling Magazine Dirt Rag Review

Dirt Rag magazine’s Karen Brooks reviews the Ultimate Cyclist CD by Rick Collingwood. This is a sports improvement CD for cycling, jointly developed by Josh Horowitz (USCF coach) and Rick Collingwood.

Cancer Trial Ezine Article

Hypnosis In The Improvement Of The Quality of Life In Cancer Suffers. Ezine article report on the hypnosis and cancer trial results. Click here to view this article

Hypnosis Cancer Trial Complete!

A new trial has just been completed using “Non-Ericksonian” hypnosis techniques developed by Rick, and already used successfully to negate pain and medication side effects suffered by cancer patients using conventional medical treatment protocols, as reported in the health section of The West Australian newspaper on 22nd December, 2004. Clinical Hypnotherapist Rick Collingwood and Pharmacist Nathan Elliott have conducted a larger cancer trial. The study has now been completed, and the results have been an outstanding success! Click on the link below to view the trial results.
Click here to view the results

Conscious Living Cancer Article

Rick discusses his Hypnosis and Cancer trial results with Iolande Skinner from Conscious Living Magazine.

Hypnosis CDs featured in Herald Sun

New Life Thanks to Hypnosis CD by Bryan Patterson. One lady describes the overwhelming effect the Mind Body healing CD had on a rare illness she had as well on her son with cerebal palsy.

Rick Collingwood Defends Accusations

West Australian Newspaper article on how rick Collingwood defends allegations by Cathy O’Leary.