The Payment Plans are Interest Free and are as follows

Nine Day Certificate of Clinical Hypnotherapy – $3600 if paid in full upon registration – or – $1500 deposit and then $250 per month for ten (10) consecutive months. Total cost on payment plan is $4000.

Diploma of Clinical Hypnotherapy – The Diploma Training is completed in 2 two parts. The first part comprises of two consecutive 3 day weekend trainings (Fri, Sat, Sun). The fee for the six day Diploma component is $3000 or – $2000 deposit and then $200 per month for six (6) consecutive months on a payment plan. Total cost on payment plan is $3200.

Certificate of Clinocal Hypnotherapy and Diploma of Clinical Hypnotherapy Without using a payment plan students can gain significant savings by initially registering to complete both the Certificate and the Diploma of Clinical Hypnotherapy for only $5500 or $3500 with recognised RPL 

The Complete Diploma of Clinical Hypnotherapy – Eastern State students who initially register only to complete the 9 day Certificate of Clinical Hypnotherapy can then complete the six day Diploma of Clinical Hypnotherapy and the twelve video viewing trainings. The fees are $3000 – or – $1300 deposit and then $175 per month for twelve (12) consecutive months. The total cost of the payment plan to enhance the Certificate to the Diploma of Clinical Hypnotherapy is $3400.

For Queensland and New South Wales training dates and fees please go to www.theaustralianacademyofhypnosis.com

If you want to register for any training with or without a payment plan? Please initially contact Rick Collingwood [email protected] or phone +61420322763

No Awards or Accolades can be issued until tuition is paid in full.

No payment plans available for International Guest Trainers

Once you have confirmed registration for any training; fees should be paid by bank transfer or direct deposit to Mind Motivations
Bank –Commonwealth
A/C Name –Mind Motivations
BSB – 064 012
A/C No –10131014

To pay by credit card please use PayPal and pay into account [email protected]
(You do not need to be a PayPal member to use their secured credit card services)