These multi award winning self hypnosis programs are available immediately for download in an MP3 digital audio format. You can use them on your Apple iPod or MP3 player. Use them in the privacy of your own personal audio space wherever and whenever you choose want to.

Important Information For New Users

After completing checkout, you will be directed to a page where you can download your MP3s. You will also be sent an email with the download links attached. Please open this email and click on the link so you can download your MP3 file.

Instructions For Downloading Files

  1. Please go to your email to find your download link. If you cannot find the email, please check your spam 
  2. Once the download has finished you will need to go the folder where you saved the file and “unzip” it. You will need a program like WinZip or WinRar for this, which most computers have. If you don’t, have WinRar yon can get it by going to and downloading a free trial version of WinRar.
  3. Once the files are unzipped you are ready to go. Simply import them onto your MP3 player, or into your media player to play through the computer speakers, or you can burn them on to a CD

If you experience difficulties with any of the above instructions, then please contact us for further assistance.

FAQs and Information

Q. How big are the MP3 files?
A. Each MP3 album is about 30 MB

Q. What is the quality of the MP3 audio?
A. Each MP3 is at least 96KBPS. There is no loss of frequencies, including the subliminal messages, when the recordings are transferred to MP3s. It is also safe and effective to transfer the MP3 to a CD once you have downloaded it.

Q. How can I play my MP3?
A. The MP3s are convenient to use and can be played on an MP3 player (e.g. an IPod) through headphones or speakers such as a docking station, through the speakers on your computer (laptop speakers are not generally recommended) or even by burning the MP3 files to an audio CD.

Q. Can I share my MP3s with friends, families and other people?
A. From a legal, moral and ethical standpoint we highly discourage this as it is in breach of copyright. Rick has spent many years learning and perfecting his work and it is simply not fair that people experience the immense benefits of using these products without paying for it.

Q. How effective are the MP3s
A. The products on this website have stood the test of time (the many hundreds of testimonials prove this) They have incredible capacity to implement powerful personal change. The results more then justify the price, especially compared to many other modalities available for self-improvement and personal change.

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