Imagine Being Able To Deeply and Profoundly Hypnotise Other people, often without even uttering a single word?

You Can

I’ve spent more than fifteen years researching, testing, and utilising the techniques and methods of the Magnetist’s, Hypnotists, and Fascinators of antiquity. Some of the techniques have been known since ancient Greek and Egyptian times, others have been practiced for thousands of years by the Fakirs and the Holy men, whilst Mesmerism and Magnetism were prevalent only a few hundred years ago. Many of the old texts from the Magnetism and Mesmerism era, speak of feats that few modern hypnotists can achieve, whereas in that era these things were passed off as common and usual.

Mesmerism, Magnetism, and Fascination shouldn’t be confused with modern hypnosis, as there are very few similarities. One of the most significant dissimilarities being that hypnosis involves speaking, while Mesmerism, Animal Magnetism, and Fascination do not.

Even if it is not well defined by science, animal magnetism has its own reality, and it had been used for thousands of years by magnetic healers around the world, before Anton Mesmer put a system and a name to the practice, and claiming it as his discovery, called it Animal Magnetism, which soon also took on the name Mesmerism.

Despite the psychobabble, the swish names, and the flashy diplomas; many of today’s hypnosis ideologies barely induce more than a light trance, which is fine for clients who are quite happy to complete ten or more sessions to notice a result. Modern hypnosis has tried to explain some of the feats of what Mesmer and others did, but by using its own paradigm which is based on words. Mesmer and many of the other old hypnotists and magnetic healers used nonverbal communication, and it is impossible to explain nonverbal communication in words.

Modern hypnosis gives many reasons as to why it works, but the techniques of modern hypnosis are usually restricted to relaxation and visualisation and are bound to the use of words and have also mostly thrown all possibility and acknowledgement of the energetic aspects out the door.

The Mesmerism (Magnetic Energetics) training is taught both in class and online. The curriculum consists of 16 essential books and 75 “Filmed Live “In Class” videos plus full access into the huge student online training and resource centre. This unique training has all the essential practical methods and demonstrated techniques that you need, presented in an easy to understand and replicate manner.

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The Training Curriculum Includes

Symbolism and Magnetism

  • Exercises for the rapid development of magnetic force and vitality
  • Demonstrations and daily practice of magnetism and hypnotic fascination
  • Exercises rejuvenation
  • The two cerebral hemispheres and how to use their strength
  • Personal magnetism
  • Distance Magnetism
  • Develop the power of voice
  • Develop the power of the gaze
  • Concentration Enhancement
  • Various demonstrations
  • Mesmerism/Magnetism Techniques
  • Mesmeric Stroking
  • Mesmeric Passes
  • Physical Enteric Points

Hypnotic Fascination

  • Various fascination exercises
  • Developing the gaze
  • How to use fascination for regression work
  • Types of gazes
  • Amnesic fascination
  • Enteric gestures and signals
  • Hypnosis and Mesmerism combinations
  • Third Eye techniques
  • Working with mirrors


  • The physical level
  • The mental level
  • The emotional level
  • Concept of consciousness
  • Exercises for Presence
  • Purpose of the Presence
  • Techniques for working effectively with Anxiety, General Discomfort, Dispelling Negative thoughts, and balancing Psycho Somatic conditions

Learn Hypnotic Fascination Magnetic Passes and Mesmeric Stroking and how to connect with the Enteric (animal) Brain

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