Mesmerism is commonly defined as the transfer of ethereal fluid (energy) from the Mesmerist to a client to induce a trance state. It was developed in the late 1700’s by Franz Anton Mesmer wherein the word Mesmerism came from. When using the Mesmeric, or Magnetic state, the energy that is being used by the Mesmerist has the ability to reconcile and heal the issues that is present with the client. The training of Mesmerism is becoming more and more popular with trainings offered by Rick Collingwood at The Australian Academy of Hypnosis in Melbourne, Australia.

Mesmerism differs from modern hypnosis and most people, including most hypnotists don’t know the difference between the two, but they are as different as what night is to day. In fact, the training for Hypnosis grew from Mesmerism but as the decades passed by, the true understanding of the techniques and applications of Mesmerism became obscure and somewhat lost.

True Mesmerism involves a projected energy transference which the naked eye of man cannot see, but it has the power to affect the consciousness of individuals. Mesmerism and traditional hypnosis are a powerful combination especially if you have an understanding of hypnosis. With proper Mesmerism and Hypnotic Fascination training, you can induce extremely deep physical and therapeutic trance states and also gain a deeper understanding when it comes to instant trance state inductions. Reading some quality material about the differences between the Mesmerism and Modern Hypnosis will give you valuable information knowledge as to where the art of hypnosis truly came from.