Rick features frequently in the national and international media. Click below to view many of Rick’s different Television, Radio and Press features as well as his photo gallery.

Hypnosis on A Current Affair

Hypnosis on A Current Affair

Aware Show Telesminar

Rick was a special featured guest in the Aware Show’s “Connecting Science and Spirituality” teleseminar series. He joined the likes of other notable key speakers including Bruce Lipton, Dr Wayne Dyer, Doreen Virtue and Gregg Braden for the September 2010 special event. During the show Rick discussed the key points about how hypnosis can be used to make positive changes in day to day life.

Nova FM Radio - Dan Gets Hypnotised

Dan from Nova FM Australian radio gets hypnotised by Rick to think that he likes Taylor Swift’s love story.

Coast to Coast 7th July 2010

Ian Punnett welcomed renowned hypnosis trainer Rick Collingwood, who discussed the science behind hypnotism, how it can be seen in everyday life, and the medicinal benefits of the practice. In the first hour, Ian chatted with Martin Richard, a former F-15 fighter pilot who was scrambled during the 9/11 terrorist attacks

Coast to Coast 7th July 2010

In the first hour, renowned hypnotist Rick Collingwood talked about his work with Mel Gibson and how hypnotism can be used to eliminate anger. Collingwood, who is credited with having trained Gibson to become a hypnotist, was reticent to comment extensively on the star’s recent scandal.

Coast to Coast AM 3/10/2010

Rick Collingwood features in the Intuition and Hypnosis show on the nationally syndicated Coast to Coast radio show with George Noory.

Hypnosis For Fun And Charity

Rick Collingwood takes time out to help with fundraising activities at the Princess Margaret for Children. Rick demonstrates the power of hypnosis live at the event.

9AM With David & Kim

Rick discusses his recent activities and about hypnosis in general with 9AMs David & Kim. This was Rick’s second appearance on the show.

Mornings with Kerri-Anne Kennerley

Rick demonstrates the use of hypnosis as a cure for smoking addiction with Kerri-Anne Kennerley. This video is no longer available for broadcast.

Nova 100fm The Wrong Way Home with Akmal, Cal & Ed

Rick hypnotises 3 ladies to forget their ex boyfriends as part of the exorcism segment Sept 2008.
Click here to listen to the show on Nova’s website

IRIE Radio

Having fun at IRIE Radio Ocean City and Mancow Radio Show Chicago. This is a 3 part video.

The Morning Show: Channel 7 2008

Rick guests on Channel 7s Morning Show with Larry and Kylie and hypnotizes 3 station personalities – August 2008.

Mancow Radio Show Chicago

Minifreak Marissa Al and Mancow on The Mancow Radio Show Chicago.

FHM Presenter Matt Hypnotised

When Marc from Bondi challenged us to go under hypnosis, we called on internationally-renowned hypnotherapist Rick Collingwood to send us into a deep, deep sleep.

You can view the video here (this will open up an external link)

9am with David & Kim, Oct 2008

Leading hypnotist, Rick Collingwood is in Melbourne for MindWorX for the National Hypnotherapy & Counselling EXPO. He joined 9am to discuss hypnosis and to perform a practical demonstration of how hypnotherapy can assist us in our daily lives.
You can visit the 9AM website here

KFI AM 640 Radio Show, L.A.

Hear Rick discussing hypnosis live on the KFIAM640 talk back show in Los Angeles. Please click on the link below to visit the KFIAM.640 website, where a podcast of the appearance is available for download.
Click here to visit the KFIAM640 website

Channel 9: A Current Affair

A Current Affair decided to put Rick to the test, getting him to hypnotize one of ACA’s producers, Andrew, who wanted to stop smoking. Did it work? It’s too early to tell long-term but so far the results are looking good.

Hot FM Bunbury

Rick demonstrating hypnosis live on the HOT FM radio show with Chippy and Nay, Bunbury.

Rick Debuts On You Tube

Rick Collingwood’s video interviews are now available on You Tube. Rick has his own channel under his YouTube username “TheHypnoMan”.
Click here to view videos on You Tube.

On The KTLA Morning Show

Rick makes a guest appearance on KTLAs Morning Show in Los Angeles and hypnotises a guest on stage.

92.9 FM Perth

92.9 FM Perth-Rick Hypnotises Ollie on the breakfast show to think he is a woman on National Women’s Day 8th March 2007.

ABC's Can We Help?

Rick talks about hypnosis and the mind body connection with the ABCs Verity James and puts her and a volunteer into a trance. During the show he demonstrates how to speed up the heart rate through hypnosis

Andrew Mallard Under Hypnosis

Wrongly convicted for the murder of Perth jeweler Pamela Lawrence Andrew undergoes a hypnotic regression with Rick. This is believed to be the only recorded hypnosis footage ever taken inside an Australian Jail.

Channel 9: Brisbane Extra

Rick on Brisbane Extra discussing his award winning Quit Smoking and Lose Weight Now CDs.

Rick with Kerri-Anne

Rick with Kerri-Anne before his appearance on the poplar Australian TV show ‘Mornings With Kerri-Anne’. Rick has been a guest on this show twice. In fact kerri Anne used hypnosis many many years ago to help her with her tennis game. Since then she has been a firm believer in the powers and spoke at length about this with Rick.

Nova 100 The Wrong Way Home, September 2008

Rick with Akmal, Cal & Ed from Nova 100 The Wrong Way Home, September 2008. Rick was on the show on using hypnosis to help overcome relationship breakup difficulties called the Ex Exorcism.