LONDON – MESMERISM TRAINING – 14th to 19th Oct 2022

Dates: 14th to 19th October 2022
Fees: GBP 1050 if paid upon registration or a Payment Plan Is Available
Enquiries: Rick Collingwood – +61420 322 763 
UK Registration –


In conjunction with Matt Gilbert from Content Free Hypnotherapy we have organised a six-day in class Diploma of Mesmerism training to be conducted in London from 14th to 19th of Oct 2022 inclusive.

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Magnetism/Mesmerism isn’t mystical and has little to do with Hermetics or other ancient practices and belief systems. It was replaced with words and became hypnotism in the 1800s by Dr James Braid. However, the two methods are like night and day in their applications and effectiveness.

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To their detriment, most modern hypnotherapists have fallen for the incorrect nonsense that Magnetism is some weird outdated new age hocus pocus, when in fact it occurs constantly in nature. There are two sides to the practice, hypnotic fascination and magnetic passes, neither have changed in hundreds of years although the terminology’s used to describe the practice hundreds of years ago can seem mystical. Magnetism/Mesmerism are no more mystical than your iPhone or hypnosis itself.

I’ve been researching practising and teaching Magnetism/Mesmerism for more than 15 years now. The modality is simply a learned practice that enables the activation of the enteric brain to induce deep therapeutic trance states. This training strips away the mystical explanations and teaches students in a step by step practical manner how to effectively develop and use the processes. An interesting thing is that those hypnotists and hypnosis trainers who tend to dismiss the practice, do so through habit, not from any experience or research and so have very little true knowledge about the practice, let alone how to induce and use it.

Training begins immediately upon enrolment via online access studies in the huge online student Mesmerism Training and Resource Centre at followed by five days of practical Magnetism/Mesmerism training in London.

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If you are interested in this unique training, I urge you not to delay. The total class size is limited to 24 participants. If you want to take advantage of this opportunity and learn Mesmerism, please complete the application form and make your payment.

A few of many testimonials –

“Many thanks Rick! Slowing diving in the Mesmerism course it’s really filling a lot of gaps in my knowledge and fine-tuning my hypnosis techniques. I really like how mesmerism is widely present through this course and how it’s very elegantly blending with hypnotherapy. All makes so much sense” – O Smith

“I tried to hypnotise a client many times with little success and although I was a little dubious, I decided to try the Mesmerism that you taught us. To my surprise it worked a treat I had her standing at the time and she basically collapsed in my arms in less than a minute”. – M Makushev

“Hi Rick. I just wanted to let you know that since learning Mesmerism I have all but abandoned using verbal hypnosis. The techniques are so much faster and so much more effective than wasting my breath telling people to go deeper and deeper. Thanks so much for what you taught us”. – M Swann