These hypnosis videos are congruent with the on going Diploma monthly training topics. They are not edited and are comprised of lectures and demonstrations as taught at The Australian Academy of Hypnosis by Rick Collingwood. All of the Videos are Copyright and are for training purposes only. They may not be downloaded and shared with any person who is not a registered student of The Australian Academy of Hypnosis. Please stream these videos to view them.

There are some other useful videos that are also available for viewing by the general public which you can view here

The History of Mesmerism/Magnetism and Hypnosis

Month 02 – Abreactions

Month 04 – Regression

Month 06 – Magnetism and Energy

Month 08 – Hypnosis with Children

Month 10 – Hypnotic Compliance

Month 12 – operating a clinical practice

Month 01 – Mind Body Communication

Month 03 – Hypnosis and Pain Management

Month 05 – Trance Deepening and Scriptwriting

Month 07 – Transference

Month 09 – Conscious Subconscious Interface

Month 11 – Addictions & Substance Abuse