Hypnotic Fascination, Magnetism & Gaze Techniques: True Traditional Non Verbal Hypnosis

This training is unique to The Australian Academy of Hypnosis and is taught as a component of all Diploma of Clinical Hypnosis trainings. Rick has learned researched and tested Hypnotic Fascination and Mesmerism and clinically experimenting with the works of the bygone Magnetists, Mesmerists, Hypnotists, and Fascinators. This unique Fascination Training is taught only by Rick Collingwood. The Hypnotic Fascination Training™ is a component of the Dilpoma of Clinical Hypnosis Training™. It teaches students the fundamentals of Mesmerism and Magnetism, plus how to use the eyes, especially the Gaze, attention and intention to induce deep hypnosis in subjects often without speaking.

A functional and usable knowledge of Hypnotic Fascination and Mesmerism is the “Icing on the Cake” for any serious hypnotist or hypnotherapist. The Hypnotic Fascination Training™ is the last two days of the second Six Day Diploma of Clinical Hypnosis training in Sydney and Brisbane. Attending students are awarded a separate Certificate of Hypnotic Fascination™

This training begins immediately online via a Diploma of Mesmerism training available at www.hypnouniversity.com. After completing the online training you can choose to complete an “in class” 3 day training in Melbourne or Perth.


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