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Perth Five Day Hypnosis Training

Rick Collingwood and Bob Burns
Fri 25th to Tuesday 29th of August 2017 inclusive
Past students of The Australian Academy of Hypnosis $1200. New students $1400.
Western Training Building 21F, Endeavour Road Hillarys
  • The WA organiser is Jacqui Dornan Ph 0449 802972 - or contact Rick Collingwood on 0420 322763

Perth - Fri 25th to Tuesday 29th of August 2017 inclusive

Five Days with Rick Collingwood 

Rick is Australia's and of the world’s top clinical hypnotist's and hypnosis trainers. This training is limited to 20 people and will fill very quickly.

If you want to become a hypnotherapist, be a better hypnotherapist, or just brush up on your skills and learn the latest hypnosis and hypnotherapy protocols then this training is a must. The training is suitable for both experienced hypnotherapists and novices alike. For new academy students the Certificate of Hypnotism can be upgraded to a Diploma of Clinical Hypnosis by attending another 6 days practical training in March 2018, plus complete on line studies, and pass an open book examination.

The fee for the 5 day Certificate of Hypnotism is $1400 and the fee for the Diploma of Clinical Hypnosis is $2700, including e version training manuals and immediate access into the academies students on line training and resource centre, enabling you to begin their studies immediately. To complete the Diploma of Clinical Hypnosis you will be required to attend a further 6 days of practical training in Perth in March 2018. The ''In Class'' components of this training are, Hands On, experiential and designed to give all participants practical hypnosis and enhanced therapy skills. Due to limited places and the rapid filling of the trainings, fees must be paid upon registration. You need to decide wether you want a Certificate or a Diploma before you register as there is no option to opt into the Diploma training after initial registration.

You Will

- Learn the latest Advanced Mesmerism and Clinical Rapid induction techniques from Rick Collingwood

- Includes Conversational and Ericksonian Hypnosis methods

- Find out how to add some Magic to your hypnosis

- Learn how to achieve a genuine high success rate with your clients

- Discover techniques to promote hypnosis to groups

- Learn how to become Self Exceptional

Past students of the academy who have completed their Diploma of Clinical Hypnosis will be awarded a Master Diploma of Clinical Hypnosis by attending this training. New students will be awarded a Certificate of Hypnotism with an opportunity to enhance to a Diploma of Clinical Hypnosis by completing an examination and under taking five further days of practical training in Perth, Fri 25th until Tues 29th of August 2017 inclusive, and complete an examination and some on line training. Registration IS NOT available to any trainers or representatives from any other hypnosis/hypnotherapy or NLP training institutions.

How To Register – To register your place just download and complete the application form and email it back when your payment is made. Payment details can be found on the application form. If you want to pay by credit card this can be done through paypal to Mind Motivations, the PayPal account number is hypnot@iprimus.com.au. There is a $30 PayPal surcharge.

The training will be conducted at the Western Training Building 21F, Endeavour Road Hillarys from 9.30am until 4.30pm each day.

Phone Rick Collingwood - Ph 0420 322763 email - rickcollingwoodhypnosis@gmail.com or phone the WA organiser - Jacqui Dornan - Ph 0449 802972