All testimonials received from our customers are replicated exactly as they are sent to us. If you notice any spelling mistakes in the following testimonials, this is because they are exact replications of the original testimonials as sent to us by our many happy customers.


Dear Rick,
Thankyou so much for your Hypnosis on public speaking I bought from you. I am a marriage celebrant and get very nervous. I start out well and then the nerves set in. Today I did a ceremony at the beach and was not nervous at all. Your cd is a godsend and I just want to thank you so much. This product really works. Thankyou thankyou thankyou. Heather


Hello Rick, if your reading this, your programs are great iabsolutly love them. I have creating abundance , and personal life motivation …they work period, thanks so much. I live in the US, in the state of Texas and I’m a realtor and a true believer in your CDs and can provide any testimonials of the power of your courses at any time just ask. Thank you for your talent and real life changing programs, too often you wish or hope that things are what they claim and they’re not, and that leaves you more despondent than you were before you took a chance on yet another self help program that doesn’t deliver. It’s such a joy and relief to buy a product that does everything it claims plus some. So thank you for a truly remarkable self helpseries.

GOD bless,

Scott Hines


Dear Rick, For the past year I have used some of your self-help hypnosis downloads and have recommended them to friends. My favorites are the Abundance and Body Tone ones. I started with the Abundance one in 2011 and after not working for four years (off with children) I secured three lucrative jobs. I started the body tone one in January 2012 and subsequently lost 20kg (in four months) and have toned my body to nearly its former self, post children.


Annette Z. Sydney


Thanks for your great MP3’s. So glad someone at work recommended Rick Collingwood to me.  I am, in turn, recommending them to friends and family… 


Just thought I’d let you know Doc, I had all my lower teeth pulled in one day. without the mind body healing secession I would have been begging the dentis to stop. it was amazing. don’t know if you’ve targeted dentist with  your marketing but I have one who witnessed first hand the power of your practice. I did have shots for pain not half as many as it took to do ony 4  teeth the week before. from a reformed “anti-dentite”


About two years ago I ordered Rick Collingwood’s CD, Weight Loss and Appetite Control. I heard him on the radio show Coast to Coast AM. I was in my 50s, 5’3″, and weighed 177 lbs. I had tried and tried to lose weight for years after I had my son 25 years ago, and nothing worked. I was fat, fatigued, depressed, and desperate. I had prayed to God for help. I had no idea that the answer to my prayer would be a hypnotic CD from Australia. I was also skeptical and suspicious of hypnotism. But I listened to it consistently and the weight starting coming off slowly but surely. My outlook on life became more positive and I started feeling happier. I was also listening to Rick’s CD on Motivation and Action. My environment began to reflect the positive changes in me. I started painting and brightening up my house. My kids even noticed it when they came to visit. I am 55 years old now, I weigh 134 lbs., and I can run 6 miles. I have been listening to other hypnotic CDs as well by Giovanni Lordi and Jan Duncan. I have found them all to be very relaxing, healing, and edifying. I am amazed at the power of the subconscious mind and at the power and effectiveness of hypnosis. I want to thank all of you at Mind Motivations for sharing your knowledge and skills and making it so affordable as well.
Debra Rayas


Dear Rick and the whole Mind Motivations Team:

In 2010 I came upon your site after listening to an interview you did on Coast to Coast. Rick – you seemed like someone I was philosophically attuned with, so I downloaded the free MP3 at that time to see what it was all about.
I liked it, and being a cigarette smoker, I decided to purchase your Quit  Smoking mp3.  I listened to it a couple of times, but decided to keep smoking.  About six months later, I came down with a severe case of bronchitis and decided I needed to to quit… I located the Quit Smoking hypnosis session on my computer and transferred it to my mp3 player, and I listened to it as instructed, sometimes several times after I went to bed.  I am happy to say that after a year and two months I am still not smoking, and have no desire to start again.  I had smoked for 34 years.
I just want to say thank you for the work you do.  I have purchased some of your other hypnosis sessions for self improvement also, and have had good  results and expriences with them. Turns out you’re never to old to improve your life and your attitude!
Michael, Jacksonville, FL, USA


Hi Ryan,Thanks for the early response..I started with self-esteem and abundance cds together in the night time and in a repeat mode and its working very well for me,because its just 2 nights of listening and 1 unexpected oppurtunity opened up and if everything goes well,I will recieve an amount equal to 1000 US Dollars within 10-15 days..This raised my hope abt these CDs that they will definitely improve my financial situation to the better..Please and please convey my gratitude to Rick for producing such awesome CDs…Also,from yesterday onwards I am feeling very frustrated,angry and hopeless about my finances and these feelings are extremely heavy on me and taxing too..But I believe that all these feelings are a part of cleansing mechanism happening within my subconscious mind regarding abundace and FINANCES. Can this be so,  and how best can I deal with these emotions in a positive way. Thanks,Rajesh.


Oh my gosh, your CDs are awesome. I had shocking fear and panic – left over from terrible things which happened in the past – and your CDs have kind of worked overnight (I have been using them for a while now). I thought I would never be free from the dreadful fear, even though I have a very happy life now. Thank You seems too tiny and so inadequate, but thank you for changing my life. I am eternally grateful to you. Kind regards, Karen Smith


thx Guys, had to purchase this for one of my friends, has gone into AF, atrial fib after breakup, using Homeopathy and your fab tape should speed up healing process. After using INTUITION, in 6 weeks i have grown another brain it is fantastic, have had amazing patient insites and seeing things i could not see before so thank you Anthony


Hi Rick,
My name is Richard. I am from Las Vegas, Nevada now a citizen of Australia living here in Melbourne. I’ve been here in Australia since 2002. I like it here. Since February 2011, I used your hypnotherapy cd and it is working great. It took a lot of the anxiety and stress levels out. I listen to it every night before I go to sleep. I always find a spot on the roof and gaze at that spot in a daydream focus before closing my eyes and hearing your backward count from 10 to 1 when the hypnosis starts I’ve been seeing a psychologist for almost 2 years and her name is MG (name withheld). I asked her about hypnotherapy and she recommended your cd. I like the hypnotic trance where it puts me to sleep. This cd also has helped me also with aspergers syndrome. I am also on a low dose of medication called Lovan. Doing the hypnotherapy and taking the pills have helped as well. It is taking time for the medication to kick in but it is helping. Thanks a lot Rick for the help that you are giving, not only for me but for other people for these kind of sessions and products that you give to help people get better with hypnotherapy. My e-mail address is xxxxxxxxxxx if you need to contact me.
Thanks Rick. Richard


Dear Rick,

Thank you for producing such wonderful recordings. In the past few months, I’ve purchased the following MP3s: Self Worth & Optimism, Mind-Body Healing, Creating Abundance, and PTSD & Anxiety. Though all are fantastic, I’ve found the PTSD recording to truly be transformational for me. I’ve only had it for about a month, yet I’m realizing changes in who I am interested in spending time with, the amount of respect & honor that I now expect & require from others, and – most profoundly – the amount of respect I now have for myself. For many years, I’ve been “grasping” at relationships and other means by which to define myself and create some sense of success in life. Yet, after listening to the PTSD & Anxiety recording for a few weeks, I’m now able to see that others aren’t necessary to provide *my* value. I’ve rediscovered my own interests, and also my own strengths. I am infinitely grateful to you.
Thank you for helping me to move forward with my life.


The reason I am buying these other CDs is that I was given the ‘Insomnia Cure’ CD. When I first started using it, I just laughed and laughed and thought, ‘what a load of hogwash – how ridiculous and what a waste of time and money’, especially when he spoke about the ‘tomato plant’ and ‘the conscious mind not knowing what the unconscious mind knows… etc’ However, my ‘insomnia’ was persistent (has been for years) and I was getting desperate again so I decided to give it a ‘fair go’ as Aussies would say and followed the program correctly and amidst the laughter but really listening, it gradually worked and I sleep better now which is a ‘wonder’ for me personally. I feel positive that the other CDs will help and can’t wait to get them.

Thanks again.


Dear Mr Collingwood,
I have been a smoker for 20 plus years. I was never serious about  quitting smoking.
However, it was my life and my decision to do whatever I wanted to do. Somewhere in April 2009 I was in one of the shops looking around   then accidentally I saw a CD collection from Rick Collingwood Quit Smoking  I bought that CD like many other items that I purchased before but used late on. In November 2009 I don’t know why but I started listening to the CD probably it was cheaper than any sleeping medication.
On the 15 April 2010 I quit smoking, now more than a year later I feel fine not craving at all, and most of all, now I smell nice.
I would like to say thank you. I would like to do that in person too. It was my work but you are major contributor.  I saved money, got myself a big TV & according to my two children turned our TV room into a mini gym.
I purchased every title in your CD collections.
I am just wondering do you tailor CD’s for specific use? What about past life experience do you venture into that unexplored territory.
Do you ever come to Sydney?
Have a lovely day,,,,,,,,,,,


Dear Rick,
A few months ago I suffered extreme Insomnia for 7 weeks and could not find anything that would help. The only way I could get any sleep was by using sleeping pills from the doctor and if I didn’t use sleeping pills I would be lucky to get 3 hours of sleep a night, if any at all. then a friend suggested your Insomnia Cure CD. All I can say is what a life saver this CD was. It’s nothing short of a miracle and I cant thank you enough for what this CD has done to my quality of life. I can highly recommend this Cd to anyone who is having trouble sleeping. I would be happy for you to use this as a testimonial on your website or any where you feel like.

Thanks again
Tony Green



Thank you very much for the wellness mp3. I listened to it this afternoon and was finally able to observe as well as participate. What a journey! I am 3 days out from my first chemo dose and it was a marvel to have the comfort of guided meditation in the night when I could not sleep. I did not want to take more pills for sedation since I feel so weird and punky any way. Thank you again,


Just wanted to pass along what a pleasure it was to work with one of the guys at Renosanz Recordings named John. I had ordered a quit smoking CD from Rick and for some reason, never received it. John and I worked back and forth for some time trying to get the CD. Through it all, John was prompt, understanding and accomodating all my needs. He went above and WAY beyond in sending downloadable MP3’s to my e-mail…checking on my success in downloading them..Verifying address..and on and on. I can say I thought I may have lost my cash and would never quit smoking without the CD. But, I have to pass along that John was on top of it from the first time I contacted him. You have a great person and the perfect spokesperson for your company. John, WELL DONE.


Your teleseminar has been a revelation for me and filled me with hope.
I have listened your hypnosis for 3 evenings before sleep now.
I have great interest in continuing for the time recommended….
With my very best wishes – Rahela


Am using Enhance your Intuition which I have had for ages.After 7 months of continuous use I feel free of unwanted conditioning of others.Say hello to Ryan
Cheers Tanya


Thank you so much. I had a chance to try one or your programs at a friends house and I was very happy with the results. I’ve explored the self-help/hypnosis/Hemi-Synch/Hypno-Peripheral Processing/NLP/Etc/Etc/Etc world for twenty five years, I can tell when a program is working and when it’s not. That’s why I decided to buy from you.
Bryan Favata.


Wow! The “Overcoming Phobias” recording is my favorite at this time. I don’t even think I need the “Addictions” one because this is doing it. Thanks for this. Really empowering.


Hello Ryan or whoever reads this. I am playing Enhance your calm all night and have used these tapes for ages being about 6 monts and just know it is now that like the walls of Jericho all my own and others conditioning has totally crashed.
I brought my 2 kids up in homes west and moved into this place for $90 a week 10 years ago.I put up an antenna and in T.V fittings,pulled out weeds up to my head and scrubbed this pigsty.I had a fight with homeswest and they said I would never get a place for months.It took me one day and I had no car and I was bashing myself on a route for buses,shop by bus,a pool near and access to my job.It is a unit behind a house on xxxxxxxxx Road,one street to a pool,2 minutes tnd a direct route to the job I had then.When My lease is up in October I am going as when it rains I could do lapps round the kitchen floor, I can’t hear the T.V when it rains and I am so sick of it.I know better how to look mentally now.The rent is $165 a week but is not worth it.I planted fur trees and their hight is amazing.I was using a tape and knew that the trouble with my daughter in Japan created by someone else needed me to see her so I went over and the trouble was gone.I am cleaning part time and am looking for more hours I know I will find.I feel free on my computer as someone showed me how to do something and he was computer thick and his doubts stayed.I found my favourite song on Utube.Guess you aren’t old enough to know Seven Tears  1981 by The Goombay Dance Band and I thought back 1000 years.Everything I have being doing I feel alone and it goes right.I know now the church was habit conditioned and is all crap.All Religious are in a free life and are good for nothing.I had one thing-quite odd.Swimming my whole life I eat properly and love veg and fruit.I looked at the carrots on my plate,moved them together and ate them as I felt there was no choice and felt relief when they were gone and after months always those carrots.First time I knew as I looked at my car that I had always had it serviced on time that on my list of everything that had to be first.I am not rejoing the Aqua life as I want to be free to swim all over.I am so grateful for the tapes and the mental stuff whoever is hurtling my way once in a while.The worst thing to just know is all other people’s,”I have nothing to do”I have benefited so much.
Thankyou and cheers  Tanya
PS I forgot to add that I started taking Stillnox a couple of years ago when I was being annoyed and didn’t know who to tell so I put it on the police internet. Using tapes I knew it wasn’t going to be any help to tell xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx  my Doctor as he squarks out what you say so I thought the tapes would help.I cut the stillnox in halves for months and now cut them in 4 and when they run out no more.. as I don’t need a doctor except oroxine for my under active thyroid. I still want an appointment with one of your men.You can EMail me or phone me on xxxxxxxxxxxxx.Thankyou Tanya


Katherine Kiki wrote:”I first heard you on Coast to Coast and Your MS hypnosis cd helped me immensely in fact I believe I no longer have MS!!! THank YOU Thank You!”


Hi Rick ,This is Teresa from freezing Manitoba Canada. Thank you so much for phoning. I was on my cellular phone so it was a little hard for me to hear you.I do a lot of meditation, so I believe the Pain Hypnosis was effective for me during that particular dental procedure of having my braces removed.What caught me a couple times was Rick’s reference to Fibre Myelga (spelling?) I think a hypnosis specific for dental procedures would be wonderful.Take care and I hope your weather gets better too.It was a pleasure to speak with you.Cheers, Teresa


I really love these products….I listen to both my CD’s VERY frequently…throughout the week…..have been for months on end….thanks again…..Jim Petit/Marietta, Georgia, USA


Rick my wife and I just finished the MP3 I downloaded. This is truly remarkable. In all my years I have never had a experience like this. Heard you on C2C. I just started as a Hospics Chaplain in Oregon USA. I will be looking for others to download soon.
Blessings, Damon McCoy


I really enjoy the “Creating Abundance” CD. Really get a lot out of it. I  play it 2 or 3 times a day. It really kicks in the 2nd time.
I thought you might enjoy these quotes. I find them very much related to hypnosis. These are from the Handbook for the New Paradigm:
“…….It is not the gravitational field that ties them here. It is the consciousness. It is the interactivity of thought acting upon thought that eludes them. They know that their thoughts can influence the outcome of an experiment. However the concept that thought once projected can be released to interact within itself and that it can produce an outcome beyond a controlled (desired) outcome is not understood. The need to control, observe and to prove the process prevents them from reaching into new realms of understanding. What is lacking is the ability to trust that the process can only proceed within positive outcomes once it is released to act within and upon itself. Thought released to act upon itself will return in manifestation glorified and in a form more magnificent than the limited focused mind can imagine….”


Two weeks ago I started using the hypnosis tape Diabetes. At first I used it when I woke, when I went to bed and as my diabetes made me just so tired I was having 2 sometimes 3 naps a day. So I listened to the tape each time I napped. How did I hear about the tape?
I brought the weight reduction one 8 years ago and never used it. Recently I came across it and I read the enclosed list and saw Diabetes and brought it immediately.
Well after 2 weeks I am not tired and do not nap during the day.
My doctor had given me an ultimatum that is the numbers didn’t come down I’d need insulin injections & I’m sure if 2 weeks usage has made such a difference, I’m quite sure that 8 weeks listening will show bigger improvement.
One thing I’m really impressed with is the attention given to forgiveness by Rick Collingwood, & when I reach the forgiveness section on the tape I add a little extra mentally & ask them to forgive me for anything I may have done to hurt them.
In the quiet places I say my own affirmation:
(“I release and let go all hurts done to me whether real or imagined”)
As a retired sports injuries massage therapist of 20 yrs I’m well aware of how emotions play a big part in injuries, so the forgiveness routine is especially important (& effective).
We hear of the extraordinary changes the mind can make in illnesses like Cancer, so if I can help that disease why not others? Give it a try.
Judith Sharpe


The Intuition and Quit Smoking MP3s came through like a champ. Imagine… all the way from Australia to Florida. Wish I could travel down for a visit that quick! The Body Toning one isn’t critical and will wait awhile longer to see if the CDs arrive maybe this week. Please pass along to Dr. Collingwood that myself and my husband are seeing AMAZING results with the motivational and younger you sessions. I will admit to some interesting dreams, which we are remembering quite easily, and then the miracles occur the next day with what we are accomplishing (projects that have lingered for years, exercise program I just couldn’t get started before, new business plan in the works…) and our much improved positive attitudes. So grateful! We will continue to share your website with friends and family.
Hugs to you all, Vicki 


Scott Couzens Thanks Rick. My 5 y/o boy listens to you every night before he goes to sleep. It has made a huge impact in his attitude towards eating… he asks for the green stuff now because it is healthy! Thank you tremendously for helping us achieve this turn-around in his thinking. I am also happily surprised to see that you ar…e a Perth boy. Would love to coffee if you ever get a spare moment.
Stay well… Scott.


Taking a seat at the cafe table I grabbed the menu. “I love being pregnant this time around, – I can eat whatever I want without gaining weight!” I said to my girlfriend Vicki.
I was expecting my third child and losing kilos rather then gaining them was a refreshing change.
I’d battled with my weight since I was young and during my pregnancy with my first child, Kaycie, four and my second child Douglas, one, my cravings for everything sweet meant that that I ballooned to a size 24.
But this time around because I was suffering morning sickness, I actually lost weight.
In November 1997, my second daughter, Alyssa, was born. Having lost 29kg throughout the pregnancy I felt drained and lethargic, but doctors assured me that everything was OK.
“I can’t wait to tuck into a nice hearty breakfast”, I said to my doctor.
“Be careful,” he warned. “As your body has rejected food for so long, your metabolism will have slowed. If you go back to eating the way you did before, you’ll put on a lot of weight.”
But I was only eating again, and within three months, I’d reached and all-time high of 118kg.
“I give up,” I sighed to Vicki.
I went into a downward spiral. My marriage was falling apart and so was I.
In 2000 I left my husband. I had my kids, but I had no confidence and no career.
After months of feeling sorry for myself, I decided to get my life back on track so I started my own business selling aromatherapy and natural products. 
I was starting to feel better about myself when, in early 2005, I was enjoying a coffee when Alyssa, seven, sat on my knee.
“Mummy, why are you fat?” she asked.
I was crushed. That night, as I sat up in bed with her comment echoing in my mind, I remembered some hypnosis CDs a sales rep had brought into the shop.
They ranged from how to lose weight, quit smoking, to general health, and he’d given me a couple of different titles to try.
That night I decided I had nothing to lose. I put on Rick Collingwood’s Weight Loss and Appetite Control Hypnosis CD while I slept and the next morning I awoke refreshed.
Still with no idea what was actually on the CD, I continued playing it every night and, within a week, not only was I feeling great, but I noticed other changes too.
I’d stopped picking at food and having biscuits with my coffee, and felt a drop in my appetite.
After a couple of weeks listening to the CD, I cooked our favorite lasagna and pushed my plate away when I was only halfway through.
“I just can’t eat any more,” I sighed.
Over the next few weeks I lost 8kg.
Thrilled, I thought I’d try one of the other CDs on my kids. I put a CD player I the hallway outside their bedrooms and played Happiness and Self Esteem hypnosis while they slept.
Two weeks later I had a call from Douglas’s teacher.
“Have you been doing something different with Douglas? He’s much calmer and happier,” she said.
Within five months I’d dropped to 89kg. Just one piece of chocolate satisfied me and I was eating a lot more fruit.
I looked great – I could wear slim-fitting outfits.
Over the last few years I’ve continued to lose weight, so far dropping a further11kg.
I never thought hypnotizing myself thin was possible, but the proof is in the pudding – or lack of it.
Sandey, 40
Pearcedae, Vic
Take 5 Magazine “Tell Us Your Story”


Hello, Rick!
I heard you speak in The Aware Show and I would like to thank you very much for that enlightening talk. I really learned a lot from you. May you continue to help more people. More power.


Hi Rick
I am pleased to say I have started using the CD. Since March last year I have suffered severe depression and an illness the doctors and specialists are yet to find an answer for.  I feel as though I have become a guinea pig and a pin cushion at their disposal. I have been given numerous antidepressants from doctors and specialists from then until a few months ago when I decided myself to be drug free.  Each time I was given any medication I would end up back in hospital with what is called Seratonin Syndrome (Google it you are not familiar with it). What those drugs did to me is indescribable.  I was nearly inistitutionalised because of this.  That in itself was terrifying.  The overdose of Seratonin to my brain meant that this happened to me 3 times last year leaving me with terrible anxiety problems on top of the depression. I can honestly say it was the most horrific experience of my life.
I have always been a very sensitive person,early in my childhood and of course still now.  I am sensitive to light, noise, obviously drugs, and especially people’s energy.
I just wanted you to know that I have only listened to the CD 3 times and have noticed that I no longer wake up with the fear of dread each morning.  This was a huge thing for me as everyday I would awake to severe panic attacks that I had no control over, as waking up in the midst of one didn’t even give me the chance to do anything about it prior.
One thing I would  like to mention  is that after listening to the CD for the first time I awoke panic free and with a vision of a pure White Unicorn on a Zebra crossing!  (would love to know the significance of this) Maybe weird to you I know, but it was the feeling of utter peace and tranquility I felt when I saw this image made me feel better than I have in many many years.  I remember that feeling long ago when I was a child but in my adulthood I just lost it somehow.  Now when I feel the anxiety or depression kicking in I use this Unicorn and remember how it felt.  Its really an amazing transformation for me, even so early into the programme.
I was just wondering if you charge an extra fee for the unicorn? (See I am even getting my sense of humour back).  I would love to stay in touch as I am immensley excited at the prospects of the help available not only to me but to others with this CD considering what I have been through since March.
Anyway thanks for the Unicorn and I will keep you informed.
Kindest regards
V.S. Queensland


Hi Rick,
Since I last contacted you I have lost 6 kilos!!! I also have been listening to Ricks sober c.d. every single day. I must admit I am finding it hard to kick the chardy habit but I have noticed I am thinking differently about what I am doing. I need you to know that since reading your book I have changed the way I think about things, I was in such a rut and after reading your book twice! I was given hope. I was in the zone of thinking I could never change but your book showed me that I can, and I have. I have joined a gym I’m doing fun outdoor exercises and meeting lots of nice people and feeling a lot better about myself. Once again Thank you and I hope that I can tell you soon that I have got to where I want to be!!!
Clair Harrison


Hi Rick,
I want to personally thank you, years ago I had regular appointments with you in your suite in Brisbane for hypnotherapy and you helped me on so many levels, when you released your CD’s etc I purchased them and have been using them regularly, after what results my family and friends saw, my friends have used them, my husband uses them and my mildly autistic son uses your current children’s Cd’s. I am so amazed at the results from these I am considering enrolling in one of your courses in the near future so I may be able to help children with learning difficulties and special needs within the school I teach at.
To receive your email announcing the release of your Autism 3 part audio program was like winning lotto to me, I know what results we have achieved with our son from using your other cd’s so I can only imagine what the new release might do for him. Please keep up your amazing journey you are helping so many.
THANK YOU, Carol Lean


Hi Dr. Collingwood,
I am one of your avid followers. I have been blessed with your work. Your work has done wonders in my life and for this I am very thankful. I have tried and successfully witnessed the wonders of your cds like Happiness and self-esteem, public speaking, youthful you and overcoming fears (for my son).
Thank you very much and more power! Sincerely, Erick Guerrero


Hello Mr CollingwoodI bought one of your CDs a few years ago to help quit smoking. I didn’t stop because I used the CD in bed and just went to sleep. Now I’m motivated again, but my CD player doesn’t work well and I wanted to use the tracks on my Ipod. The sleeve advises not to burn or copy it and claims that it may even be dangerous. Do I face any danger if I was to use an MP3 copy of the CD?I must also say that this week I visited a quit hypnotist and after hearing the difference between his session and yours, I can only say that you provide something far superior at a much reduced cost. I may even look to your MP3s for my other vices, but that’s another story. ThanksRobyn Hughes


Hi Rick,
I’ve been using your mind body healing mp3 since June this year. I started using it along with kefir as I had a bad Crohn’s flare up. Within a week the pain had gone and I have been weening myself off the drugs since then (Under doctors supervision of course).
I’m very happy with your mp3.
Thanks, Tim.


Rick I just wanted to say thank you so much for your amazing work, I have told so many people about you….My wife Jo and I have been listening to Creating abunance/ motivation diligently for a few years now and it has helped us immensely!!! I am about to release my first book entitled “Thank Ahead” in which I have mentioned you as an inspiration.
I will make sure you get a copy I’m sure you will enjoy it!
Thanks once again.
Eugene O’Reilly


Just to let you know I first purchased the Weightloss and Apetite CD about 3 weeks ago and am on the last stage of the program as instructed. My mind has not felt better, lighter, stronger and somehow happier in a very very long time. In a matter of 2 weeks I joint the gym, do 2-3 indoor cycling classes a week, walk around my local park regularly, I have that ‘ lift’ in my step that just makes me want to do things. For the first time in my life I began to understand what it is like for those people who are not effected by emotional eating and who do not feel the need to use food to cope with life and with themselves. For so long I have been riding this wave of dieting, trying to be lighter, to feel happier and not to be burdened by my mind, only to have some tiny moments of success…until the next wave of emotional downfall & medicating myself with food. I now know daily life that does not focus on snacks and comfort-food and I no longer feel like I NEED them just to get that ‘ok’ feeling. My daily nutrition is based on three meals that are smaller in quantity and my eyes and my mind crave wholesome food. I don’t regulate it, it just happens. I now can differentiate that feeling of ‘light stomach’ and enjoy the feeling of a slight ‘hunger’. I have so far lost about 2.5 kg in the two weeks since I started the program and that is just a bonus to the other benefits I’ve been feeling. I love the fact that I can now visualise myslef as a trim, healthy, happy and smiley woman…something I wanted but could not really see happening before. I hope I am not too quick to speak of such lovely benefits and trust that even more is to come. Please pass this onto Mr Rick Collingwood on my behalf.
With kind regards, Basia


I have used the CD’s. I have used Enhance Your Calm 5 or 6 times and Happiness and Self Esteem once. I have (honestly) been blown away by both of them. When I was using Calm consistently I could tell a difference in my demeanor and even now being about 3 weeks removed from my last use still feel pretty mellow during times when anger used to take over. After I used Happiness and Self Esteem I noticed about 3 days where my confidence was higher than it had been in a long time. I have yet to return to that one but really, really have liked the results.
Sometimes it takes about 2 minutes for me to go under, sometimes it takes about 20 minutes and only once have I come back in the middle of a session but that was when I was on a flight from Mexico to LA.
I am genuinely a fan of your CDs and have been telling people about them. Although they are skeptical I think my recommendation makes them listen because I am not one to praise something I don’t believe in.
N Guerra


Hi Rick,
Hope you remember me. Ryan had helped me with my purchase,and you had asked me to contact me after a few weeks of trying the CD’S.First off,I have to say this connection was made in part to Coast to Coast.But what blows me away is 5 to 8 years ago I got a tattoo on the back of my neck.It’s a Tibetian poem and my mantra.In short “when the mind and body are one,anything can be accomplished.”Is that weird!! I am 52,a single hairstylist.I do TV and movies and am ,was very sucessful.15 years ago I was in an accident and had very severe injuries,including TBI.I have not slept more than 2-3 hrs a nite since.I have used your Insomia cd’s 3 weeks now,and have averaged between 6-7 hrs nitely! I also have cronic pain,ADD,ADHD,and arthritis.I also have your Mind/Body and Pain Free.I feel less pain.I can’t express enough how you have changed my life.Thank you! I also suffer from depression.Is there another CD that would address this and the ADD? I am feeling. stronger every day.Sorry this is so long winded.Best wishes and helping me get MY life back,Cheers Rick! Commming to S.F. ,CA any time soon,I’d like to come to your seminar and shake your hand!
Peace and Love-Glenn


Dear Rick,
I just listened to you on Coast to Coast AM last week- and right away Idownloaded the free mp3. I have to say that after only two sessions I am feeling totally great, light as a feather. So many subtle changes are happening within in me already. I intend on getting the weight loss CD, however, through listening to this one I have noticed that my food cravings have literally disappeared. I feel calm, more centered, energetic and I can’t stop talking about it. I have had hypnotherapy in the past and it worked really well, so I already had an affinity to this amazing tool.Your voice tone and accent also make it easy to listen to. I think you should get booked on Oprah.
Many thanks,
San Diego, CA


Dear Dr. Collingwood,
You are my hero! After listening to you on Coast to Coast I purchased your Weight Loss MP3 and have been amazed of the results. In 2 months I have lost 20 pounds and feel in total control with no worries about what I eat.
After listening to your radio interview I found I am a good subject for all this because from the beginning I go into trance with out a hitch, with in a moment of hearing your voice I’m out!
The weight loss worked so well I have purchased 2 other MP3 programs and downloaded the free motivation program. My question is, if I set up my computer to play these during my sleep, will it cause any issues? I’m very happy and feel like it’s been such a help in my mental health I want to fix everything at once, i.e. weight loss, becoming a non-smoker, stop procrastinating, self healing and on and on.
And by the way, I have used the other programs on the internet to compare, but yours is without a doubt the best! I just wish I knew more about how much hypnosis I can take at one time. Personally I think I can handle more than one focus at a time but want to make sure.
Thank you for your time and for saving my life not just on a physical level but also a spiritual level as well. You are truly an angel!


Hi Rick.
I’ve suffered from chronic depersonalisation for years. I’ve recently started using your weight management CD. I’m not sure if the CD is the cause of it, but I’ve experienced the first glimpses of my old self on and off in the last few weeks. This is the first time in years. It’s given me real hope of a cure to something I thought I just had to live with. Depersonalisation is a terrible disorder which is extremely common and very difficult to treat.
Andrew Lanyon


I have been listening to the Happiness and Self Esteem CD for over six weeks now. I am feeling more confident and less worried about things. Definitely feeling more happier and motivated.
Crystal Hegary, Dubboo NSW


Hello Rick
Just wanted to say thanks for helping me get some sleep again. After approximately 2 years of constantly interrupted sleep (why, I cannot say, other than mid-life and all that comes with it ie menopause, empty nest, physical changes, work/living stress, relationship stress etc.), and trying all sorts of things to help, including mind/body techniques, alternative remedies etc I am at last sleeping much better. Not totally uninterrupted, (still wake once or twice but go off again easily, which I couldn’t do before) but much better than before the use of Insomnia CD. I’m feeling better all round now, more positive, not as moody, not as tired. I will be trying some of the other hypnosis CD in the near future to improve my health and emotions. Thanks again.


G’day Rick,
Thought you might be interested to know that I recently embarked on an overseas trip after being accepted to study at an electronics institute in Canada.
Having not been at school for quite sometime and not used to the riggers and technics of studying I purchased a copy of Rick Collingwoods Super Study cd from you to try and gain any advantage and help that I could.
And I would have to say that it was a contributing factor in me doing so well and passing all tests/exams that were presented. Using the cd on a daily basis helped me to be able to focus and allowed me to comprehend and absorb much better what was written in the text books and class notes.
To this day, I still use Rick Collingwoods Super Study cd and have found it very beneficial when I need to improve my concentration levels.
Thanks for the recommendation.
WB Victoria, Australia