There is nothing that is too good for you, no matter how great the thing may appear to be, and no matter how undeserving you may appear to be. You are entitled to the best that there is, that is an inheritance of life. Don’t be afraid to honorably ask and demand, and take what is yours or what you desire. The good things of the world are not the exclusive property of any favored people, they are like fruit on the tree, there for the taking by anybody who will reach up and pick the fruit. The good things belong to us all, but they only come to those who work determinedly and are wise enough to know that such things are theirs by right, and who are sufficiently courageous enough to reach out for them.

Many good things are lost for lack of asking, or because one may feel unworthy of them and so lack the confidence or the courage to demand them of life. If you keep on repeating to yourself that you are unworthy of good things, and that some things are too good for you, the law will be apt to take you at your word and believe what you tell yourself. That’s a peculiar about the law of manifestation; it believes what you say and takes it in earnest. So beware how you talk to yourself and always expect the best for yourself. Why should anything be too good for you?

Did you ever stop to think just what you are? You are a manifestation of the whole thing, and you have a perfect right to all that there is. Or to put it in more simple terms, you are a part of the infinite and an heir to it all that it contains. No matter what you ask for you are only asking for what is already yours, and the more earnest you are about demanding it, the more confident you are about receiving it, the more effort you put into reaching for it, the surer you will be to obtain it.

Rick Collingwood – Australia’s Premiere Clinical Hypnotist

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