10 Great Optical Illusion Pictures

Some fantastic optical illusion pictures that will test your powers of perception and visual processing abilities.

Hypno Man Game

Play the Hypno Man Game for fun and novelty

Spinning Pink Dot Optical Illusion Test

Follow the pink dot on this moving picture and be amazed at what you see – or what you really don’t see.

Spinning Lady Right & Left Brain Test

The brain – this is quite amazing! Another picture test to see if you are left or right brained?

Free Hypnotic Spiral

How RECEPTIVE are you to hypnosis? How FAST can you expect results? Download this free hypnotic spiral and find out the results.

Stress Picture Test

A free stress test – look at the picture in this test, observe what you see and find out how stressed you truly are.

Free Stress Picture Test

Another great stress test – once again observe the image and then check the results to see how stressed you are… just in case you weren’t sure the first time.