Diploma of Clinical Hypnotherapy Information

The Diploma of Clinical Hypnotherapy is trained in Melbourne, Sydney, Brisbane and Perth although they training curriculums are different. In Melbourne the Diploma is begun after the Certificate is completed. The first component of the Diploma is 2 x 3 day in class training and is followed by viewing 12 live filmed ongoing training days in the student resource centre. The fees to complete the Certificate and the Diploma are $5500 if paid in full on enrolment. 

For Queensland and New South Wales training dates and fees please visit www.theaustralianacademyofhypnosis.com

The amount of practical training hours including the Certificate of Clinical Hypnotherapy and completion of The Diploma of Clinical Hypnotherapy are 160 hours. The required hours of training to complete the Diploma of Clinical Hypnotherapy are (432 hours – Certificate of Clinical Hypnosis) plus 190 for Diploma training = 622 hours in total. The required time duration is 12 months.

Viewing the twelve ongoing training sessions in the student resource centre is compulsory to gain a Diploma of Clinical Hypnosis. They are the second component of the Diploma of Hypnosis. 

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Pre requisite for the Diploma of Hypnosis: In Victoria – Certificate of Clinical Hypnotherapy. In Sydney and Brisbane, initially attend the 5 day Certificate of Hypnotherapy. After the initial 5 day attendance, completing an examination, viewing 12 ongoing  trainings on line, and attending a second 6 days training approx 6 month later enables students a Diploma of Clinical Hypnotherapy.

Course Fees for Sydney and Brisbane:

  • $4,500 (inc GST) – Thirteen Day Diploma of Clinical Hypnosis (5 days then 4 then 4 days) training in Sydney and Brisbane only. No pre requesite
  • $1400 (inc GST) – Five Day Certificate of Hypnotherapy Sydney and Brisbane.

For enquiries or more information about the Sydney and Brisbane attendance please phone John Jackson 0402 129107, email [email protected].

For the Diploma of Clinical Hypnotherapy in Melbourne or Perth please contact, Rick Collingwood Ph 0420 322763 Email: [email protected]

Brisbane – Certificate & Diploma of Clinical Hypnotherapy 2020

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