Brazilian Crystal Light Bed Therapy

in Melbourne and Coffs Harbour

Rebalance Your Life & Your Energy!

 Crystal Bed

Some Benefits of the Crystal Light Bed

 Crystal Bed
  • Balances your chakras
  • Stimulates your immune system
  • Creates a positive influence on your cell communication
  • Calms and rebalances your nervous system
  • Restores function of your hormonal system
  • Decreases pain, spasms and muscular dysfunctions
  • Releases negative emotions such as depression, grief, fear, anger
  • Cleanses the physical and spiritual body of negative energy
  • Opens all the of energetic centres of the spiritual and physical body
  • Stimulates the development of spiritual awareness
  • Totally rebalances and purifies your mind, body and spirit
  • Has an anti-depressive and tranquilizing effect

A Crystal Bed treatment is a very relaxing type of Chromatherapy


Chromatherapy is a safe and powerful mixture of light, colour and crystal radiation that positively influences the bodies, tissues, cells, organs, skin, and the mind and spirit in order to stimulate healing. The colour light and crystal vibrations are delivered to the various parts of the body while lying relaxed on a comfortable bed, listening to soft music with the eyes closed. The guidance of a qualified practitioner to direct the healing process is a major factor for the best results of the healing.

The Origins of Chromotherapy

All major civilizations recognized the importance of light, colour and crystals in healing. The Assyrians, the Babylonians and the Egyptians all practised therapeutic sunbathing. The Greek city of Heliopolis was renowned for its coloured windows in temples and light rooms. Different colours and crystals were used for their therapeutic, healing powers during the centuries of different civilizations.

What is a John of God Brazilian Crystal Bed?

The  St John of God crystal bed has one very important quality; the healing powers are infused in the crystals. The crystal light bed is a small bed with 7 lights directly above it. Each individual light shines through a crystal that has a specific vibration. The lights are positioned about 40 cm above the body and aligned with the bodies Chakras from the head to the lower body.

In Melbourne please phone Shane Wallace on 0419 042 042

In Coffs Harbour NSW please phone Tania Cotterell on 0413 676 078