Do you need to make a change?

Do you want help with a life challenge?

Do you need to break a habit?

Or do you want to maximise your life?

If you’re considering hypnotherapy the choice can be overwhelming. The costs can vary tremendously, and the results can be hit and miss. If you’re putting you mind and your psyche in the hands of a stranger, then you should choose Australia’s longest established hypnotherapist and hypnosis trainer.
Most people aren’t aware that Hypnosis/Hypnotherapy is a completely unregulated profession. Often there are some silly claims made by the inexperienced or the unscrupulous, and some hypnotherapists have appalling training, sometimes no more than 3 days.
You wouldn’t take your car to a plumber to get fixed and you wouldn’t want an apprentice to rebuild its engine? If you’re going to trust your mind to a stranger, at least ensure that you do a thorough check on whoever you reach out to for help. Make sure they work from a professional clinic
Don’t be taken in by the ONE Session Quit Smoking Lifetime guarantee nonsense claimed and advertised by some hypnotherapists. Sure, it happens occasionally but most of the time you’ll just waste your time and money.

Change Work Is Serious and Usually Not As Easy As Some Claim It To Be

We Don’t Make Outrageous Claims Or Give False Promises

We Don’t Pretend We Can Fix Your Issues In One Session

Hypnosis usually isn’t a magic wand. To get a genuine result from hypnosis you need to make a commitment to change and then find a hypnotherapist who has the skills and experience to help you make the shift or self-improvement that you want. If you are committed to the change, we are committed to helping you achieve it.

Session Programs

Rick is sometimes available for program sessions, either in person in the Melbourne clinic or via Skype. If you choose to take advantage of his expertise there are no One Session False Promises. The hypnosis programs are 3 to 5 sessions, and on the rare occasion that you don’t get your required shift we keep working at no extra cost until you do.
If you want to discuss your best options, or if you want to make an appointment? Phone the Melbourne Clinic on 0420 322763. In person and Skype programs are available