The answer to the question is yes, as long as the individual has some intelligence and is capable of speaking. The complexity of the matter is that there are many different styles of hypnosis – Traditional Ericksonian Elman etc etc, and there are many things called hypnosis which really are not ? NLP immediately springs to mind, so does Hypnosis Without Trance and Covert Hypnosis which would be more accurately described as methods of influence.

Even when the seeker has searched through the myriad of various trainings on offer? Ranging from two year long significantly academic trainings, to master trainings (yeah right) and 3 day miracle trainings. Learning hypnosis is like learning anything else. It takes time patience practice and passion. There are no shortcuts, there are no masterships and there are no real demi gods. There are only experienced hypnotists and experienced hypnosis trainers accompanied by many many self professed experts who often cannot walk their talk but are quite happy to take your money in exchange for the accolade they offer.

The truth is that just like driving a car or singing, yes anybody learn to do it, but few will ever become race car drivers or world renowned singers, the ones that do have passion and a natural aptitude and usually years of experience. The saying “It only took me 10 years to become an overnight success”holds just as true in the field of hypnosis as what it does in any other profession.

So if you want to rise to the top of the hypnosis profession? Sorry no matter what some might claim you are not going to do it in a week a month or a year. Maybe your head might bob out of the water after 10 years or so,but thats only going to happen if you exercised persistence with your passion. So if you decide to enter the noble profession whether to be a hypnotherapist or an entertainer, its going to take a while to rise within the ranks. A clinical hypnotist needs to learn a lot of different strategies and techniques than does an entertainment hypnotist. A good hypnotist realises that the learning never stops and therefore seek to learn as much as what he/she can; that is using wisdom.

Here’s some more wisdom. Before you part with your hard earned money do your research. Check out the trainers and/or the institutions background and real world experience, all learning is valuable but you can easily spend a lot to learn very little, or miss out on any really practical aspects, and hypnosis at the end of the day is a practical application and not an academic postulation. Learning hypnosis is fun and intriguing. However initially you’ll be following a leader in the form of a trainer. It is vitally important to get the right start so it is equally as important to ensure that you get yourself the right trainer.

The Australian Academy of Hypnosis trains Traditional Hypnosis and Ericksonian Hypnosis Hypnotherapy and Mesmerism in Melbourne Perth Sydney Brisbane Adelaide and in the USA. We have 25 years experience in all styles of hypnosis and NLP and our students have the advantage of a huge on line training and resource centre.