The Advanced Diploma of Clinical Hypnotherapy is a nine day straight hypnosis training intensive taught by Rick Collingwood once a year in Melbourne. The Advanced Diploma is taught in a different format in Perth Brisbane and Adelaide. The training is intense and thorough, ensuring that all participants gain practical competency and confidence in all forms and aspects of hypnotic and Mesmeric Inductions, including the practical training of rapid hypnosis for therapeutic use, pain management, habit and phobia protocols, past life regression, Mesmerism, Hypnotic Fascination and much more.

This training is only available to academy students who have completed the Diploma training level with The Australian Academy of Hypnosis, and also for students from other recognised hypnosis training academies who qualify for RPL. In Melbourne the training is Nine INTENSIVE Consecutive Days from 9.30am until 4.30pm. Can you handle it? Fees for Melbourne Academy students $3500 – Qualifying RPL Non Academy Students with RPL $3800

To register please use the “Other Training” form in the downloadable Information and Application pack.




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