All of Rick’s Hypnosis MP3s Feature

  • The latest, clinically tested, scientific audio technology
  • Rick Collingwood’s ‘Cutting Edge’ clinical techniques in advanced trance hypnotherapy
  • Positive subliminal messages
  • Exact trance inducing frequencies

How The MP3s Work

The programs induce a state of deep hypnosis via the special patented frequency combination. Once a deep state of hypnosis has been induced, usually about five minutes, then the directly spoken suggestions and the positive subliminal messages are heard and accepted by the subconscious mind.

  • Level 1 – Spoken Voice             To induce hypnosis and re-educate the subconscious mind
  • Level 2 – Constant F Sharp      Deep trance inducing frequencies
  • Level 3 – Subliminals                Subliminal messages program for proven maximum effectiveness
  • Level 4 – Theta Rhythm            Frequency to sustain trance

Many people don’t realise that the human brain doesn’t readily learn how to think. We are born with thinking capabilities and as we grow memory develops that allows us to acquire knowledge; the brain simply keeps recording what it sees or hears consciously until a pattern is formed in the subconscious mind. These patterns are often referred to as habits. These MP3 programs change the unwanted patterns to more positive and desirable ones.

Another explanation is that the subconscious mind is like a hard drive on a computer, whilst the conscious mind is like a continuously changing floppy disc. For example an individual with a well developed conscious mind to an intelligence level comparable to that of Einstein could consciously process a maximum of only 7 thoughts at any given moment. The subconscious mind by contrast has about 70 to 90 trillion cells to regulate and many other functions to perform via the sympathetic and para sympathetic nervous systems and it does this automatically with minimal input from the conscious mind.

In simple terms, the conscious mind is our fight-flight and rational thinking survival mind. The subconscious mind is everything else, and to think that the process which can handle at most 7 pieces of incoming information (conscious mind) as opposed to the underlying process (subconscious mind) which can assimilate up to 400 trillion responses at the same time, is at best ludicrous. If you want to make significant and lasting changes (form new habits) it can only ever be done via repetition at a subconscious level. The subconscious mind never sleeps. Therefore the positive benefits of Rick’s MP3 programs can also be acquired by simply listening even when you are sleeping.

Children’s MP3s

The Children’s Sleep Story MP3’s are a completely different format than the adult clinical hypnosis and they are different from the adult hypnosis MP3’s and they are completly safe and very effective. Instead of using the traditional hypnosis techniques required for adults; the Children’s Sleep Stories are hypnotic metaphorical stories. The Children’s programs are heard as a story by the child they contain no direct suggestions. These childrens programs are formatted metaphorical stories specific to the title topic, that help a child to assimilate a new behaviours and reactions in a natural and safe way. Each story is underlayed with Rick’s Theta F# frequency combination that will immediately relax a child and allow the deeper levels of mind to accept the postive underlying meaning of the story.

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